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How to Add Novelty to Your Fireplace?

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You may be putting an old property on the market or tired of looking at an ancient fireplace so downtrodden that it’s visually offensive. A fireplace remodel can bring up the resale value, resecure a potentially hazardous hearth, and make an old fireside pleasing to the eye once again.

Here’s how you can refurbish a fireplace without hurting your wallet.

Break Out the Brick

If the paint’s already chipping off, why not get rid of it entirely? Exposed brick is a great idea if you’re sick of following trends only for them to go out of fashion.

Trade bric-a-brac like drywall and plaster for a bare brick wall to give your space a more laid-back and industrial aura.

Think Blue

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fireplaces? It’s probably something in red, brown, or some other dour shade.

Now, think outside the chimney box. Paint your bricks in a rich, matte blue, or go with the powder blue shade if you’re not afraid of stains.

Glass It Up

Adding glass fireplace doors is a sure-fire way of sprucing up your hearth, not just because they add a golden sheen to the room—although that’s a pretty good reason for glass doors—but because they practically fireproof your space.

Glass doors are also easier to maintain and are known to draw in more of the heat that would’ve otherwise escaped through the chimney.

Modernize with A Linear Design

Linear fireplaces paired with an insert give a wider view of the flames. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this design is that it can be installed in any style, be it French country, shabby-chic, or modern stainless.

However, the fact that it doesn’t encourage a mantel makes it an acquired taste.

Add A Scandinavian Touch

A Nordic space is minimalist with only the bare essentials that are either organic or faux-skin.

So, as the most popular place to install a fireplace, a Nordic living room would have a wooden carved table, maybe a couple of chairs with sheepskin for upholstery, and a massive paved fireplace, entirely bare and with a little bit of storage space nearby for firewood. Although we recommend giving the hearth a lime wash for a more rustic appearance, the walls should be stark white.

Your Residential Masonry Contractor in Connecticut

Stone masonry is also quite popular where fireplaces are concerned. Be it brick, granite, or marble, we can work with any material of your choice.

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