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How Masonry Interior Can Make Your Home Sustainable & Efficient

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Sustainability is continuously gaining ground in every industry worldwide. Homeowners and construction companies are rethinking how to design and build houses with a minimal carbon footprint.

However, sustainability is not the only feature homeowners look for. Elegance, cost-effectiveness, and durability are other essential qualities considered when buying or building a home, and masonry fulfills all those requirements. What was traditionally used mainly for the exterior is now widely applied to the home’s interior to promote eco-sustainability.

Masonry reduces energy consumption, decreases materials’ cost, offers comfort, and promotes efficient construction. Here’s how masonry construction can make your home sustainable & efficient:

Timeless Designs to Choose From

Masonry structures are timeless pieces that date back many centuries. The material gives you a huge variety of options of shapes, colors, textures, and application techniques to choose from, and you can achieve any interior design. Brick and concrete are preferred materials because they increase energy efficiency while offering design flexibility.

Thermal Mass in Masonry

Thermal mass refers to storing and releasing heat for a long time. Masonry homes have thermal mass; they absorb heat during the day and release it at night, keeping everyone comfortable throughout the day. This consistent temperature allows you to maintain an optimal temperature with minimal energy consumption.

Offers Fire Protection

Masonry homes built with bricks offer fire protection which reduces repair costs. Brick is made by heating the clay at the highest temperatures, making it fire-resistant. Therefore, insurance companies tend to charge less for brick homes.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Every homeowner wishes to maximize energy efficiency to save expenses and the planet.

When your home stays colder and warmer for longer than usual, your HVAC system will use less power, reducing the utility costs. Masonry’s insulation properties don’t let the external temperature affect your home. This puts less load on heating and cooling systems. The less energy you use, the better for the environment.

Durability and Endurance

Brick and concrete are the sturdiest materials used in buildings, maintaining their endurance for the longest time. Bricks can even last for 100 years. Concrete masonry has water-repellant properties that control moisture. It also minimizes the pollutants, mold, and other irritants inside a home.

Concrete masonry requires less maintenance and withstands harsh weather conditions, making it sustainable.

Can Be Reused& Recycled

Concrete and brick masonry can be recycled and reused for new projects, and this eliminates the need to construct a whole new building if you wish to renovate it in the future. Reusing the existing building—including its core structure and other components—reduces environmental impact, making it eco-sustainable.

Advanced Repairing Options

Advanced methods allow effective masonry restoration and repair, which rarely need a replacement. Repairing saves wastage and replacement costs as you don’t have to tear down the whole wall. Therefore, you must repair at the first sign of a problem to maintain its longevity and reduce waste.

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