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How Chimney Repairs Work

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Chimneys are often a neglected part of your house. Not everyone remembers that upkeep is necessary for the chimney, and fewer still get the minimum cleaning and maintenance work done on time. Today, we will talk about chimney repairs, how to know when you need them, and what you can do about them.

Step 1: Watching the Signs

You may not be able to tell if your chimney needs any repair work just by looking at it. For some of the most obvious signs, you will need to climb up to your roof and look at the chimney. For others, you may need to know what to look for.

Some sure-shot signs that you need repair work are if you start seeing cracks along with the chimney’s brickwork and masonry, white staining on the chimney walls, falling bits of stone or masonry, and leakages of water coming down through the chimney. These signs usually mean that you need to get some repair work done sooner rather than later. Putting it off too long may end up requiring a replacement rather than repair.

Step 2: Addressing The Problems

To fix the problems in your chimney, you will need to address the root problem. In most cases, it’s going to be moisture that has been wreaking havoc in your chimney. The moisture will weaken the foundation, cause bricks to crack or break, and cause the staining you see on the walls. While a crown may stop water going in, giving the outer wall a power wash and then water-proof sealant spray will stop a lot of damage. Other fixes include added newer layers of mortar to the cracks in between them to reinforce the chimney.

smoking cottage chimney

Step 3: Getting Professional Help

Chimney work is a lot harder than it looks. Whether you can get the chimney repair work done yourself depends entirely on how good you are at building and masonry work. While some of you may be experienced and able enough to fix the whole chimney yourself, most of you will need help with harder tasks like fixing the chimney’s inner lining, replacing cracked crowns, or strengthening the base structure of the chimney.

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