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How Chimney Cleaning Can Affect Home Insurance

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Chimney cleaning is an essential process that can help keep your place safe. In case of any damage caused by a chimney hazard, your home insurance company will request cleaning and inspection records to process a claim.

If you have just moved into a house or are planning to move into one, ensure that its chimney is in a good condition. Also, check your house insurance policy to see what accidents it covers.

Do Home Insurance Companies Cover Damages?

In general cases, home insurance companies will only pay to repair your chimney if the accident was natural and your chimney was well maintained before the accident. You can trust Creative Masonry & Chimney‘s expertise to inspect and know about your chimney’s condition.

For example, if a fire has caused damage to the chimney along with other portions of the house, the insurance company will offer to pay for the damages. However, they will not pay you if the chimney collapses due to normal wear and tear and maintenance issues.

What Does Home Insurance Cover

Most accidents caused by lightning or fire hazards in your chimney are considered for repair by home insurance as long as they fall into their code of conduct. However, if the insurance agent inspects that your chimney was not cleaned for a long time, they will not clear your claim and cite negligence.

When chimneys are not cleaned for eight or more years, the accident can happen more likely due to your negligence than an accident or natural disaster. As in this scenario, chimneys are not even safe to use; thus, if you want to avoid this problem, ensure that your chimney is cleaned yearly.

How Neglecting Chimney Cleaning Can Cause Significant Issues With Home Insurance Claims

It is a general rule by most home insurance companies that a chimney not cleaned or inspected for eight years will not fall for the repair claim category, and the accident caused in them will be a negligence case.

Advantages of Chimney Cleaning & inspection

  • Most chimneys are connected by home heating and ventilation system. Thus, cleaning them is necessary to avoid flue gasses and harmful substance accumulation. Such toxic substances are responsible for damages that home insurance does not cover, so it is better to clean them.
  • A flammable material called creosote is deposited when chimneys are not cleaned yearly. This material will cause a fire hazard, and such fire hazards are not settled by home insurance; thus, clean your chimney every year to avoid it.
  • Routine chimney cleaning and inspection by skilled chimney repair experts reduce the chances of accidents. In case of any natural, it would be easier for you to claim home insurance for chimney repair.

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