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How Can Ice Dams Damage My Chimney System?

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Snow falling on a wooden house at night

Chimneys are an essential part of many homes in Connecticut, providing a way to direct smoke and heat from fireplaces outside. But did you know that if it isn’t protected, your chimney could be vulnerable to severe weather conditions such as rain storms or heavy snow?

Today, our chimney cleaners will discuss how ice dams affect your chimney’s structural integrity.

Ice dams form when heat escapes through the roof, melting snow on the surface. This water flows down the top until it reaches a cold section, where it refreezes. As this process repeats, the ice dam grows larger and larger, potentially causing damage to your chimney. Here are some ways they can damage your chimneys:

1. They Can Cause Water Leakage

Ice dams can damage your chimney system in a few different ways. One is by causing water to leak into your home through the crown of your chimney. The crown is the cement or mortar that forms a cap at the top of your chimney. If there are cracks in this cap, water can seep through and trickle down the inside of your chimney, eventually making its way into your home.

2. They Can Cause Structural Damage

Another way that ice dams can damage your chimney is by causing structural damage to bricks and mortar. As water continually thaws and freezes behind an ice dam, it can cause the mortar and bricks to expand and contract.

This expansion and contraction can eventually lead to cracks forming joints in both mortar and bricks. These cracks provide an opening for even more water to enter through your chimney and into your house, exacerbating the issue.

A professional during a chimney sweeping process

3. They’ll Prevent Ventilation

As water backs up behind the ice dam and leaks into your chimney, it can weaken and rot the brick and mortar of your chimney. The water damage will lead to mold growth, prevent proper ventilation, and lead to a buildup of dangerous gases inside your home.

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