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How Can I Tell if My Chimney is Safe?

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Built on top of the main structure of a residential home, chimneys serve as vents for smoke and heat ducts. Because of their hazardous nature and proximity to the fire, they must be inspected at least once a year by a certified chimney professional to ensure they’re safe to use.

houses with chimneys

While most chimneys are constructed from fireproof materials such as masonry or metal, sometimes accidents happen or fires break out because of faulty design or improper maintenance work.

This article will discuss how to inspect your chimney to determine if it’s safe and fire-resistant.

Look for Smoke Stains

An unclean and dirty chimney can cause soot stains that can be potentially dangerous if left unattended. Excessive soot build-up indicates serious problems. If you notice smoke stains or other smoke damage throughout your chimney, get it inspected immediately by a certified professional before they become worsened and more costly to repair.

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Chimney Cracks

Cracks in the mortar or bricks on your chimney is another alarming sign. A crack in the masonry of your chimney could mean a fire hazard and excretion of harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, into your home.

Cracks can also lead to serious structural problems with your chimney and subsequently result in damage to other areas of your home, such as a sagging ceiling. In cases like this, cracks should be inspected immediately and repaired by a professional.

Chimney Discoloration

If you have discolored mortar on your chimney, especially brick or stone, it could mean a leak or improper insulation. A discolored appearance can also be caused by an accumulation of soot or ash from a fire burning without proper heating.

Discolored mortar means the masonry material is affected by dirt and soot build-up. Any soot and creosote stains should be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage to other areas of your home.

Schedule a Professional Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection is done by a certified technician or a professional chimney sweep. Due to the dangers and exposure involved with chimneys, professionals are adequately trained and experienced in identifying problems and repairs for your fireplace and chimney system.

Consult the chimney professionals at Creative Masonry & Chimney for a chimney inspection or cleaning to ensure the safety of your home.

Our team of highly trained and certified workers also offers other chimney services, including chimney inspection, chimney rebuilding, chimney repair, and much more.