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Here’s Why Concrete Repair Is a Vital Concern

Post by : dminCMC


Men layering cement for construction

Concrete is the most widely consumed material in the world, after water. According to statistics, out 143 tall buildings that were completed in 2018, 62.9% were made from concrete.

While concrete has many benefits including being fire-resistant and environmentally friendly, it also cracks and withers just like any other material.

While it doesn’t demand frequent repairs throughout its lifespan, a call for concrete repair should not be ignored if you want to save you from future costs—both physical and financial. Here’s why.

To Maintain Durable Structures

Concrete is prone to expansion and contraction during extreme hot and cold weather respectively. In such a case there is added pressure put on concrete causing it form cracks.

When the concrete starts to crack, the structure with which it’s built becomes shaky and unstable. Over time, damage can increase if left unaddressed, and the structure will be unable to perform optimally.

To Prevent Accidents

As mentioned above, cracks in concrete diminishes it’s strength making it unpredictable and unsafe. Concrete becomes extremely heavy once hardened, hence when plummeting down from a height at high speed, concrete can severely injure a person or surface.

Large cracks on the floor can also lead to minor accidents. Unstable concrete structures pose a threat to any person close by as it can topple down anytime if adequate repairs haven’t been made.

To Prevent Disintegration through Carbonation

concrete cracks

Chemical processes, such as carbonation, harm concrete structures and can speed up the process at which concrete disintegrates.

When calcium hydroxide is converted into calcium carbonate, and the components of cement start to decompose, the weight of concrete begins to increase. The added pressure makes the concrete more prone to cracking.

If these cracks are not tended to in the beginning, their intensity will increase, further weakening the concrete.

To Look Professional

Arriving at a guest’s house, or at a company and witnessing cracks in the walkway or pavement can be a huge turn-off. Not attending to your pavement needs when necessary, instantly takes away the charm from your office or home, and also makes you look sloppy and careless.

If you want to impress your guests and clients make sure you repair you concrete pavers so they reflect good care and up-keep.

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