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Here’s What’s Causing a Chimney Leak

Post by : dminCMC


One of the most annoying things that can happen to your chimney is that it begins leaking. This may occur during the rainy season, or it may be happening a bit more regularly. Today, we will look into common reasons for leaks in your chimney and how masonry services can help solve them.

Chimney with a cover

No Proper Cover on Top

Maybe the most obvious cause, but also one of the most common causes, is the fact that there is no proper cover on top of your chimney.

A cover, cap, crown, or damper of some sort is necessary to prevent outside water from getting inside your chimney and then leaking into your house. If you experience a lot of rain or snow, then you definitely need a sturdy cover for your chimney. Aside from keeping the water out, the covers also prevent animals from going in and blocking the path of the smoke coming out.

Damage to the Cap or Crown

Another strong possibility is that you do have a crown or cap installed but have suffered damage over the years. This is most common with older chimneys that come with a concrete crown. With regular exposure to both moisture and changing temperatures throughout the year, the concrete can begin to crack or break apart. This would require either repair for the crown, or it may require you to install a completely new one. Ideally, you will want to get a chase cover made out of either stainless steel or aluminum put in place instead.

Chimneys with crowns

Cracks in Bricks and Mortar Joints

Another probable reason for leaks in your chimney is the moisture and water seeping in through the cracks in the bricks and mortar joints that make up the chimney. While a cover on top will prevent water seepage from the top, rain and snow can still make their way through the cracks on the outer wall of the chimney. The best way to stop water damage to the outer wall is by spraying a layer of waterproof sealant on the bricks. This keeps your whole chimney leak-proof from the top and the sides.

If you have a chimney leak that won’t go away, you’re probably in need of some masonry repairs in the chimney. Our team at Creative Masonry and Chimney provides masonry repair services in CT as well as chimney rebuilding services to prevent leaks and other problems. Schedule an appointment with us today!