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Giving Your Old Chimney a New Life

Post by : dminCMC


Very few things can beat sitting in front of a warm fireplace while it’s snowing outside. But, a fireplace comes with unique requirements, for instance, keeping the chimney clean and pest-free. Sprucing it up a bit can even add value to your house. Read on to learn different ways in which you can upgrade and restyle your chimney.

Grey brick chimney of a house

A Good Cleaning Can Go a Long Way

You’ll be surprised at the difference a good scrubbing and polish can make. Once you get rid of all the grime, use a damp cloth for wiping, and then buff the chimney. If you use wood for your fireplace, it is better to clean it regularly to minimize the chances of accidental fires.

A New Paint Job Can Do the Trick

Modernize the whole look of your chimney with a new paint job and get rid of its outdated appearance. If your chimney is surrounded by tiles, that can be refreshed as well with a coat or two.

Whitewash to the Rescue

Sick of looking at the same old bricks? Create a feeling of more open space with whitewash. If you’re looking for budget-friendly fixes, a whitewash can do the trick. But first, give the chimney a dusting with a wet rag, and then apply whitewash with a lint-free cloth. Missing a few spots here and there is fine; you can use a dry brush to fix the problem.

Trend-Setting Tiles

The market is full of tiles made of different colors and materials. Want to match your chimney with your house’s overall look? Get tiles with matching hues to compliment your house. For a modern look, choose geometric patterns; for a chic look, choose pastel-colored tiles.

Modern Rustic Fireplace in Living Room Decor Design Interior

Try a Faux Fire

If your fireplace has been empty, and for some reason, you can’t have a log burner or a fire, there are still ways to upgrade it. Surround the fireplace with fairy lights or hang lanterns there. Some pillar candles on a silver tray can also look great if done right. Another great way to upgrade the fireplace is to pile chopped wood in there or place a pinecone basket. For a more lasting feature, add treated display logs that never lose color or rot.

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