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Getting a New Fireplace? Here’s What You Need To Know

Post by : dminCMC


In the United States, fireplaces are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after features for residential properties. It is estimated that in 2017, 320,000 residential properties had newly constructed fireplaces installed.

Winters in Connecticut are very cold from December to February. So a fireplace installation in the living room is a terrific way to make the space feel more inviting and warm. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic way to spend the winter than curled up in a blanket by the fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate as the snow or freezing rain falls outside.

A person enjoying a steaming cup of hot chocolate by a fireplace

Buying a new fireplace or remodeling an existing one is a big financial commitment that shouldn’t be made hastily. So here are some things to consider if you’re planning on having a new fireplace installed in your home:

Establishing a Budget

Your first step should be establishing a budget. In addition to the fireplace cost, you must factor in installation and regular use costs. Some fireplaces, such as wood-burning models, are more expensive to purchase but save money in the long run.

However, gas fireplaces have a lower initial investment but a higher operating expense. You can save the most money by buying and using an electric fireplace, but it may not give off the right ambiance. It’s essential to consider your budget constraints before settling on a specific type and weigh the costs of several options.

Considering Fuel Options for Your Fireplace

Wood fires are generally the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fireplace.” True, that was the only kindling available in fireplaces back in the day.

However, technological advancements have made various alternatives available, particularly in modern homes. To that end, here are some fireplace fuel options to choose from:

  • Electric Fireplaces
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Wood Fireplaces
  • Smart Fireplaces

Fireplace Maintenance

Although building a fire is a one-time thing, keeping it in good working order is an ongoing task.

Wood-burning fireplaces are lovely and classic but must be cleaned and checked frequently. The same goes for gas fireplaces; regular fireplace and chimney cleaning and inspections are necessary to keep creosote levels low and increase airflow, reducing the likelihood of harmful gas buildup.

So, when you buy a fireplace, it’s essential to consider the work involved in keeping it clean.

A traditional brick and wood fireplace

Fireplace and Chimney Rebuilding in CT

If your fireplace hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you’ll need to hire a professional for fireplace and chimney sweeping and cleaning. We can help you get a new fireplace if you don’t already have one.

Creative Masonry & Chimney provides fireplace services throughout Connecticut. We also provide masonry restoration and repair, chimney inspection, and other services.

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