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Functions and Benefits of a Chimney Liner

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A House With A Fireplace And Chimney

Many people who have chimneys in their homes are unaware of the function of chimney liners. Chimney lining allows your fireplace to burn safely and prevents home fires.

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Here’s what chimney liners are and the benefits of getting one for your chimney.

What are chimney liners?

A chimney liner is a conduit made of clay, ceramics, stainless steel, and aluminum. It is used to line the inside of a chimney.

Chimney liners prevent the buildup of creosote, which is a carcinogenic by-product of wood-burning fires. It also allows gases and other waste materials from the fire to escape up the chimney flue.

What does a chimney liner do?

Here are some of the most important functions of a chimney liner.

  • It reduces creosote deposits and moisture. Creosote can build up inside the chimney over a period of time. It is highly flammable and is a leading cause of chimney fires.

A chimney liner will prevent the buildup of creosote by providing proper venting for the chimney.

  • It improves fireplace ventilation, leading to more energy-efficient fires. Fires require oxygen to burn well. A chimney liner improves ventilation and allows air to pass down to the fireplace through the chimney flue, resulting in a more energy-efficient fire.
  • It increases the value of your home. Prospective buyers of your property will be glad to know that you have had important safety measures such as a chimney liner installed to prevent home fires.

A Two Story House With A Chimney

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