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Free Standing Wood Stoves—What to Know about Classic Home Features

Post by : dminCMC


It’s what it says on the tin!
Free-standing woodstoves are stoves that are not installed into the fireplace. They’re often referred to as fireplace inserts and stand away from the wall. Constructed as metal boxes that burn wood inside, these metal boxes get hot pretty fast!

However, thanks to numerous feats of modern engineering and testing, these fireplace inserts have not only become efficient heaters, they also use renewable fuel and are considered to be the best home heating equipment of the new century.

What Homeowners Should Know

The Question of Ventilation

With most free-standing woodstoves, while the feature does offer a wonderful touch of elegance and sophistication to the home’s aesthetic, it also poses a problem for some homeowners who don’t consider the requirements of ventilation.
Of course, the wood smoke will come out somewhere. With your options being either through the top or from the rear of the stove, a stovepipe can carry the smoke out from the room and through the chimney. With ventilation, you have three options:
Through the wall: This involves an installation where the stove pipe comes from the stove and to a wall where you might already have an existing chimney. That’s where the stovepipe taps into so it can be used as an easy passage for the smoke.
Over the stove: If, by coincidence, there’s a chimney over the spot where the stove is, you can connect it directly. If not, the top of the stove can be built and connected so the smoke goes up and out.
Hearth stove installation: Given that it’s a fireplace insert, you can simply vent your stove through the fireplace by seating it in front of the area on the hearth. Recommended for rear-vented wood stoves, this gives easier passage for the smoke to go out.

Adding Fuel

With wood stoves, it’s better to have a good supply of dry, clean wood at your disposal.
As with a fireplace, woods that work best include hickory, beech, different oaks and red maple or sugar.
Hardwoods are an investment for your comfort, since they produce better heat and burn for a longer time. Just be sure you have wood nearby so you can add a log or two every 6–8 hours and you should be good to go.

Need Help with Your Free-Standing Wood Stove?

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