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Follow These Tips to Avoid a Chimney Repair

Post by : dminCMC


While no part of your home will ever actually be fine without some sort of upkeep and repair work, it is entirely possible to minimize the amount of time and effort that would be required to get something like the chimney fixed. Often a time-consuming and hectic form of maintenance, chimney repairs can take up your whole day during an inspection and fix. It may also take ages to get an appointment if you need them to come in during the colder seasons when chimney use is at an all-time high. Today, we discuss a couple of tips that can help you save time and help you put off major repairs.

chimney fires

Preventing Moisture Build Up

The number one way to speed up deterioration in a chimney, or really anything that requires masonry, is to introduce excess moisture to it. Waterproofing your chimney means that less weather damage will affect your chimney’s bricks, and there is less of a chance of the chimney collapsing altogether. This can be done in a few different ways. Adding a waterproof sealant on the outside of your chimney’s walls will slow down your mortar and bricks breaking down. You’ll also need to add a crown to your chimney to cover the top opening of the chimney, while still letting smoke out through a small pipe.

Regular Sweeping

You should try and get the chimney cleaned out at least once a year or anytime the chimney accumulates around 1/8th an inch of soot settled on top of it. Depending on how often the chimney is used and the types of material used to make the fire, you may have to get it swept more often. The chemical composition of soot and other by-products of burnt wood is highly flammable. Ensuring they are cleaned out means preventing fire damage from happening in the chimney.

Airflow Dampers

While your fireplaces aren’t in use, it’s extremely important to have dampers put in front of the fireplace. The dampers prevent airflow from the top of the chimney from coming through into the house. This prevents the flow of toxic gases like carbon monoxide and saves energy costs with cooling or heating in the house.

Regular chimney inspection and maintenance is the best way to reduce the reliance on chimney repairs. For any sort of chimney cleaning or maintenance services, contact our team get a free quote upon inspection.