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Fireplace Safety Tips for Children and Elderly

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wood burning in a fireplace

On a chilly winter night, nothing comes close to family and friends huddled together near a fireplace, engaged in hearty conversations. The fireplace is a space that offers warmth and allows people to come together. However, this space can easily threaten you if you’re not careful.

Children and elderly people are especially at risk as they lack the proper tools and skills needed to handle fire emergencies. Fast-spreading fires, poisonous gasses, and the risk of tipping and falling make both children and the elderly largely vulnerable to accidents involving the fireplace. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, 57% of home fire deaths are in people aged 55 and above.

But don’t worry; our experts have some fireplace safety advice for you to ensure fireplace safety. Read on in this blog to learn about safety measures you should take before lighting up your next fire.

1. Keeping the Fireplace Area Clear

The fireplace hosts an active, raging fire, and everything around is prone to get caught in it. It can be flammable liquids like alcohol, toys like furry teddy bears, or just everyday paper items like newspapers. Such mishaps are entirely preventable if one maintains a safe distance.

A clear fireplace is a safer fireplace—and, therefore, a happier one.

2. Minimize Gasses

Burning wood gives out fumes and toxic gasses, all of which impact children and the elderly the most.

This is why proper ventilation and an open chimney flue are essential in directing the air up and out of the house. Flue liners also aid in directing the smoke outwards. Moreover, using dry, seasoned wood gives out less smoke and soot buildup in the chimney.

3. Chimney Inspection and Sweeping

The leading cause of home fires happens to be unclean chimneys and equipment. The culprit here is creosote, which builds up in the chimney and the flue liners. Creosote catches fire when heated, which can quickly spread to the walls and the roof.

Professionals can conduct chimney inspections and chimney cleaning to remove debris and creosote deposits. Properly trained and certified professionals can inspect and clean all kinds of chimneys and ensure fire safety for your home.

A chimney on the roof of a house

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We believe fireplaces should be safe havens for bringing people together rather than disaster-breeding spaces. Our experts and certified chimney professionals can help you avoid fire and safety hazards with regular chimney inspections.

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