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Fireplace Safety for Homes with Kids and Pets

Post by : dminCMC


Fireplaces look great in the home, whether you live in a mansion or an apartment. They add a touch of rustic elegance, while simultaneously serving a practical purpose in the form of a heating solution.

If your house came with a fireplace built-in, or you opted for a fireplace installation through chimney and masonry services like ours, you’ve probably learned that they require regular maintenance. It’s also challenging to have a fireplace in a home that has pets and children.

The safety risks extend from the fire itself to the dangerous compounds and build-up left behind after use. You can keep your family safe with the following tips and tricks:

1. Get a fireplace cover

The easiest thing you can do is get a glass door for your fireplace, which is typically also a requirement since open fires can’t be left in houses. It’s best to have a glass door installed to form a thick barrier between the fire and unknowing children and pets with poor balance and tons of energy. There’s a risk involved in embers floating out, as well as the open flame in general. However, glass is not sufficient on its own because it also heats up and can cause burns, especially to children and paws.

2. Add a gate over your fireplace

In addition to having a glass door, you should have a gate, door, or grill over your fireplace too. This forms a barrier against the hot glass also, reducing the chances of accidentally running in or hitting it, touching it, and ending up with burns. Fireplaces generate a lot of heat, ash, and embers, so the more protection there is, the better.

3. Place accessories above ground level

Apart from the emanations from the fireplace itself, it would help if you were careful with your accessories too. From matches to pokers, several tools and accessories are required when using a fireplace, and each of them could pose a potential threat if knocked over or used by children. Keep them out of reach, such as in a secure cabinet or above the mantle, or under lock and key.

4. Keep flammables away

From rags to cushions, there can be a lot of items around the house that are flammable. Embers, heat, and flames can all cause fires or cause objects to heat up and cause damage and put others in danger.

5. Regular maintenance for chimneys

Chimney maintenance is an essential part of safety and support. It would be best if you had your chimneys swept and cleaned properly to ensure there’s no residue or harmful build-up or materials such as gases, ash, and soot left behind.

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