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Fireplace Doors and Screens—Why They’re Necessary

Post by : dminCMC


Fireplace accessories are not just for upgrading the aesthetic of your hearth!
Doors and screens can keep your home and family safe and your fireplace burning merrily. They also allow you to make full use of your mantelpiece without having to worry about unfortunate incidents taking place.

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The Benefits of Fireplace Doors and Screens

For new homeowners who don’t have prior experience with a fireplace, here’s a primer:
Fireplace screens are a piece of mesh that is adjusted between a fireplace-sized frame, which acts as a barrier between the room and the fireplace. Typically made of metal, bronze, or iron, the frame uses a perforated metal or wire mesh panel.
Fireplace Doors are much sturdier than screens. Made of glass, these doors are set in front of the fireplace to act as a barrier. They are more solid than mesh.
Both keep your family and home safe, while letting the heat in from your fireplace!
Though it’s useful, your fireplace produces plenty of heat, and that can be dangerous if you have any young ’uns in the house. With screens and doors, you get an extra layer of protection.
The former blocks embers from spraying into the room as well, which minimizes the risk of a fire. Portable as well, these screens can be stored away when the fireplace is not in use.
Most fireplace doors are constructed in a way that the door can be attached to the lintel bar.
But in case there is no bar available, the door has to be secured to the masonry directly.

Why People Favor Fireplace Doors

Available in a range of designs, most homeowners use these fireplace doors as an investment in their home’s aesthetic. But that’s not the only reason why fireplace doors are more popular!
Because fireplace doors don’t let the fire go out or dwindle, and don’t let warm air seep out through the chimney, this keeps your fireplace warm for much longer.
This results in lower utility costs, since you don’t have to depend on your HVAC system to keep you warm and toasty after the fire’s gone out. Additionally, fireplace doors help keep the cold in as well during the summer, since they block the path up the chimney!

Taking Care of Your Fireplace

Need help with your fireplace or masonry? You’ve come to the right place.
Creative Masonry & Chimney offers comprehensive chimney, masonry and fireplace repair and maintenance services in various cities in Connecticut, including Hartford, Bristol, Simsbury, and Bloomfield.
If you need help with your fireplace door or screen, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to help you make the most use out of your fireplace without letting you worry about the bills!