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Everything You Need to Know About Ice Dams

Post by : dminCMC


Ice dams have formed on the roof.

An ice dam is a slop that builds upon the slopes of the roof; it can form as snow melts and then refreezes later.  In the daytime, the snow can melt, however freezing again on the cold winter nights.  An ice dam can look very aesthetic but can cause a severe dent in the pockets.  Ice dams pose many threats and are hazardous for the property and its residents as well.

A professional should cautiously remove them before creating various problems for the homeowners.  Below are some threats that are posed by ice dams:

Water Leaks

Even if a roof is brand new, ice dams can enter the roofs of your house, causing leaks.  Although leaks can seem harmless at first if they’re not inspected or fixed.  Water leaks can damage the roof’s foundation by seeping through the material.  Over time it can even cause flooding in the house.

This is one of the main reasons homeowners must address ice dams right away before they cause severe damage.

Chimney Gets Damaged

Ice and snow can accumulate in the chimney during the winter months, eventually forming ice dams.  These ice dams can damage the interior of the chimney.

Chimneys in an open position or are situated to the roof’s lower edge are more susceptible to danger.  It can be easier for the water to pool and form ice dams in these corners.

How To Deal With Ice Dams

Ice dams should be dealt with swiftly, as delaying them can cause a lot of harm to the roof.  If ice dams are left alone, they will continue to seep through the shingles, tiles, and chimney.  Additionally, it can also lead to the growth of algae and moss, rotting the roof and chimney.  In extreme cases, entire roofs can collapse due to damage caused by ice dams.

To counter this problem, it is recommended to contact chimney cleaning services.  Such companies offer an inspection, which helps to get an idea of the damage.

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