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Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Rebuilding, Renovation and Restoration

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There are plenty of advantages of having a chimney in your home like lower energy bills, greater aesthetic appeal and more—but neglected chimneys are quite dangerous. Damaged and neglected chimneys present numerous health and safety risks such as that of fires, combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning that highlights the need to have your chimneys inspected and repaired regularly. Ideally, you should get your chimney checked out at least once a year to make sure everything’s fine with it.

You should know that whether we use the words chimney rebuilding, chimney renovation or chimney restoration— each word means the same things as the others. The basic idea is to clean out the chimney and make the necessary repairs so that your chimney is safe and works efficiently.

Fundamentally, we differentiate chimney restoration jobs based on what part of the chimney needs work. These typically include:

Partial Chimney Rebuilding—This involves working on some parts of the chimney, including the chimney crown.

Roofline Up Rebuilding— Working on only the visible part of the chimney that extends out of the roof.

Complete Chimney Rebuild—When you have to rebuild the entire chimney including the parts that lie inside the house.

chimney damage

Common Causes of Chimney Damage

Recognizing the signs of chimney damage and the causes is crucial because, well—how else would you know when to call in the professionals?

The common causes of chimney damage include:

Water Damage

Even the slightest damage to any of the components of the chimney—these can include the chimney crown, cap or anywhere along the length of the chimney—lets water seep in. The water damages the chimney’s masonry and might even seep into other parts of your home cause architectural damage.

Chimney Fires

Every year people report about 25,000 instances of chimney fires. The fires occur in the lower part of the chimney to grow hot enough to damage the chimney walls and the surrounding masonry work. It’s estimated that chimney fires cause over $125 million worth of damages every year.

Lack of Maintenance and Old Age

The chimney goes through a fair bit of wear and tear throughout the year with the exposure to immense heat and the weather. This direct exposure also damages the chimney and is only fixed if you get your chimneys regularly examined by professional chimney maintenance services.

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