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Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Cap Installation

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A chimney on the roof of a house

A chimney is essential to your roof if you have a fireplace installed at your house. They protect your house from external weather elements during thunderstorms and snowstorms. Your chimney has different parts that require a different level of care. According to EPA, the leading factor of house fires was chalked up to failure to clean chimneys.

The chimney cap is an essential part of your chimney that you should know about so that you can notice signs of damage early on and stop a hazard from causing damage to your house. Our expert chimney sweeps at Creative Masonry & Chimney bring you a guide that’ll explain everything you need to know about them.

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What is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are situated right above your chimney crown. It is a protective covering for your chimney that protects it from heavy rainfall and downdrafts. The chimney cap prevents water from getting inside the flue pipes and causing leakage issues.

Heavy rainfall can damage the structural integrity, so it’s important that the water doesn’t make its way into your house. A chimney cap helps with that.

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What are The Benefits of Chimney Cap?

1. Prevents Seepage Issues

Homeowners in Connecticut get 50 inches of rain on average in a year. Such a heavy amount of rainfall can pose water leakage issues. A chimney cap plays an important part in keeping the water out of your chimney as much as possible. It reduces the amount of moisture that gets inside your house through the chimney cracks.

1. Keeps Animals and Birds Out

Animals can easily find their way into your chimney if your fireplace and chimney are not in frequent use. Even after animals have left your chimney, they’ll leave nesting material behind, which can lead to chimney fires the next time you use your fireplace. Chimney caps help block them out. It doesn’t provide any pathway for an animal or bird to build its habitat or nest.

2. Protects Your Chimney Flue

Strong winds can cause dirt, debris, leaves, and tree twigs to block the chimney flue. If the chimney flue is blocked, smoke and carbon monoxide from your fireplace won’t have any space to escape from your chimney; instead, it’ll move back into your house. Research shows that 70 percent of the smoke from your chimney can reenter your house if it’s not maintained properly. Chimney caps prevent that from happening.

Learn More Chimney Cap Installation!

Creative Masonry & Chimney has been working in the chimney industry for over 30 years. Our chimney sweeps specialize in chimney cleaning and chimney repair services. Reviews from our clients are the testimony of our hard work. We provide our services in Farmington, CT, and surrounding areas.

We’ll help you select the right size and type for your chimney cap. Contact us today to learn more about chimney cap installation.