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Essential Tips to Prepare Your Chimney For The Summer

Post by : dminCMC


We’re well into the long days of summer here in the U.S., and you know what that means. Out go the fur-lined hoodies, and in are the swimsuits and ice cream cones in each hand!

Right now, it’s all about staying calm and relaxed. But does this mean you should ignore everything else that initially gave you comfort and joy, like your fireplace?

Although 2020 wasn’t the coldest winter we ever had, this doesn’t mean your fireplace didn’t get a good workout. And while we don’t blame you for not even thinking about the old clunker, it would still help if you gave it a bit of attention now, so it serves you well for the colder season ahead!

Chimney Maintenance Tips You Should Know

–          For Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are probably the easiest to clean, so set some time aside to tick off the following care requirements:

  • Before touching any component of your gas fireplace, turn off the fuel source first.
  • Remove the glass front and clean it thoroughly (do not use a chemical-based cleaning solution)
  • Use a vacuum to clean the inside of the fireplace of any debris or dust
  • Check the interior components and exterior for any signs of damages

If you see any cracks, warping, crumbling, chips, even dark soot here and there, get in touch with us straightaway and schedule a consultation for chimney repairs.

–          For Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Of course, if you’ve had the wood-burning fireplace for long, you’d know how crucial a chimney inspection and cleaning is. Before your chimney sweep arrives though, follow the tips below to prepare your chimney:

  • Use a vacuum to clear up all the ashes from the firebox. Use gloves and as dust mask to avoid getting the ashes on your hands and lungs, wear safety goggles as well to protect your eyes from harm
  • Remove creosote build-up from the lower parts of the chimney that you can reach. Do not do so by yourself if there is excess build-up.

And keep your firebox clean. You won’t be using your fireplace for some time now. There’s no reason to keep your firebox full of half-burnt logs or soot.

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