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Easy Ways Of Child-Proofing Your Fireplace

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child sitting by fireplace

Protecting our children from every silly way they could get hurt is a full-time job!

Not to say that kids try to find different ways to hurt themselves. But given their fearless, energetic nature, it’s no surprise that every parent is almost always busy dealing with boo-boos and ouches.

With something like a fireplace, none of us will ever take the risk of imagining what sort of shenanigans your kids could get up to.

So, to keep you all satisfied that you’re protecting your children from any fireplace injuries, here are some tips that’ll help you preserve your home and your children’s health!

Tip#1: Fence Off The Area

Install a baby gate around the fireplace, so your children know they’re not to go in that area.

You’ll find plenty of reasonably-priced, beautiful baby gates available online. You’ll even have your pick of fireplace fences that’ll match the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Measure your fireplace to make sure you get the right size and install it in a way that maintains a safe distance.

Fireplace Blazing Behind a Fence

Tip#2: Invest In A Hearth Cushion Or Hearth Protector

These devices are designed to snap right over the edges of your hearth and prevent people from injuries if they come in contact with the sharp and hard edges of the fireplace. Made using shock-absorbing foam and flame retardant, these protectors are easy to install and affordable to boot.

Tip#3: Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms

These alarms are compulsory for every room of the house. If your chimney isn’t cleaned regularly, this allows the carbon monoxide produced from burning wood to make its way into the house instead of out the chimney. This leads to nausea, fainting, vomiting, headaches, and other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Take this tip as an essential detail for not just your children’s health, but yours too!

Tip#4: Teach Fire Safety Rules

Even if you have a three-year-old in the house, there’s no reason why they can’t learn fire safety rules.

Teach them from an early age that something that emits heat, like a fireplace, can be dangerous for their health. Use warm cups of water or even milk to show them that something too hot can be harmful. Taking the educational track toward teaching your kids will help ingrain the idea of safety in their minds from an early age.

Family Teaching a Young firl About Fire Safety

Tip#5: Stay Alert

Even if you’ve lit up a small fire, it’s still not an excuse to leave your child unattended in the room. Even with all the extra precautions, you never know what can happen if you look away. Always have an adult present in the room if you leave or keep your children within view.

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