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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Repair?

Post by : Ed


If you need chimney repair services, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Before determining that amount, though, there’s an even more important question: Can I get my insurance company to pay for it?

Generally speaking, you won’t have a specific “chimney insurance” policy, since that’s a niche form of coverage. Instead, you’ll be looking at your homeowners insurance policy. Your chimney is part of your house, so it should be covered by your homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance policies don’t cover many of the more common chimney repairs, unfortunately. That said, if you do need a service that’s covered by your insurance policy, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Before we begin, one final note: we’re speaking generally here. You should look at your specific homeowners insurance policy to best understand your situation.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Structural Defects?

Homeowners insurance won’t cover any repairs you make to the structure of your chimney. If it’s tilted, for instance, this isn’t the sort of problem that most policies cover. Instead, it’s considered preventative maintenance.

If, however, a structural flaw in your chimney causes damage to the rest of our house, this will most likely be covered by your policy.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Chimney Leak?

In most cases, your insurance policy won’t cover a chimney leak because this repair is considered maintenance. For the same reason, any water damage that results from things like rain or snow are unlikely to be covered. If you’re worried about flood damage, you actually need to get flood insurance.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Chimney Fires?

Homeowners insurance covers chimney fires. Though some may argue that chimney fires are preventable with the right maintenance schedule, this is exactly the sort of disaster that your policy is designed to pay for.

What Types of Chimney Repair Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

The answer to each of these questions boils down to the same point: homeowners insurance won’t cover repairs if they’re maintenance-related, or if they’re needed because you didn’t properly maintain your chimney.

Homeowners insurance generally will cover any unexpected disasters. If in doubt about what your policy will cover, think back on that rule.

What Happens if an Insurance Company Doesn’t Accept My Claim?

Before you make a claim on your insurance, keep in mind that it can be held against you, even if the company refuses to pay the claim! For this reason, it’s best to contact a qualified chimney expert who’s familiar with insurance claims. They can walk you through the process and inspect the chimney before you file a claim.

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