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Designs for Interior Stone Walls and Fireplaces

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Fireplaces conjure images of the home and hearth- cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. However, homeowners chose designs as per their aesthetic sense ranging from the contemporary, modern styles to the rustic or minimal ones.

So your fireplace can be re-imagined as per your tastes and ideas and does not have to be a one–size–fits–all model.

The stonework is generally used on the exterior of homes, but more and more homeowners choose to bring it inside. The stone wall around the fireplace is an increasingly trendy design that brings warmth to the house’s interior. Additionally, the stone is a heat-resisting material that is an excellent choice to install around the fireplace.

stone veneer fireplace

Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces are the classic design. A heavy stone wall is the main feature of the room it’s installed in. it usually demands a lot of attention. Homeowners can pick the stone and design of their choice. They create a mosaic with bigger, rounder stones for a more rustic look or choose smaller stones for a more elegant appeal.

A stone wall feature adds excellent luxury and style to your interior.

Stone Veneer Fireplace

With technology and better manufacturing, stone veneers have become easier to afford. Many homeowners now choose to install veneers and panels instead of natural stone. Veneers add the style and appeal that caters to modern and contemporary tastes.

Granite and Marble Fireplace

Granite and polished marble add to the smooth and sleek look that minimalists aspire to achieve. It is stylish without being too loud, and the material is available in a variety of colors. Additionally, these fireplaces are easier to maintain and can be drawn out in different ways. Homeowners may choose to install columns on the side of the fireplace or install a mantle over it. The material is resistant to heat and a good choice in terms of durability.

marble and granite fireplace

Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is easy to install and cheaper as well. It is solid and sturdy, and with a little bit of paint or with the proper structure, it can turn your living room into a cozy warm spot for the family.

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