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Concrete Repair Improves Your Home’s Appeal, Safety and Value

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Nothing quite says dated and unsafe about a house like the deteriorated concrete of cracked and spalled driveways, foundations, patios, steps, and walks. Expert Concrete Repair will greatly improve your home’s curb appeal and value, as well as make it attractive and safe for you and your visitors.

What causes concrete damage?

We all know that concrete is tough stuff but it is constantly subjected to the forces of physical stress, weather, chemical reactions, and daily wear and tear. Some of the most common culprits that damage concrete are:

  • The freezing-thawing cycles of our Connecticut weather which is especially hard on concrete and can cause heaving, cracking and surface spalling or scaling.
  • The use of de-icing salts causes the breakdown of concrete over time which results in unsightly, hazardous surface deterioration and potential cracking.
  • Heaves caused by ground movement and settling that cause joint separation and cracking in walks and driveways as well as cracked basement floors, walls and foundations.
  • Stress point fractures that occur from poorly designed concrete projects, most often seen in recently poured floors, driveways and patios.
  • Inadequate reinforcement which leads to breaks on the edges and corners of slabs as well as on the risers of concrete porches.
  • Chemical lawn fertilizer left on concrete from spills and sloppy applications will deteriorate the surface of walks and driveways. Iron containing fertilizers will leach and cause permanent rust stains if not swept up right away.
  • The wear and tear of vehicles driving onto and being parked on drives with inadequate concrete thickness, poorly mixed concrete or both. This frequently occurs on badly engineered sloping drives.
Why should I be concerned about cracked concrete on my property?

Liability: First and foremost is your own personal injury or that of others. Concrete that has cracked, especially with jagged, uplifted edges, is a preventable hazard that you are accountable for should someone become injured as a result of the damage. Even a slightly uneven rise caused by cracking or broken edges presents a tripping hazard for anyone walking on your walkway or driveway. So, as a business owner, homeowner or landlord you can be held liable for any injuries incurred by visitors on your property. And, it doesn’t matter what the person’s reason for being there is—invited guest, uninvited stranger, delivery person, or whoever—the liability is the same. By the same token, when your concrete areas show hazardous and/or structural damages of any sort it will cause your insurance rates to increase. Or, if the damages are severe enough, prevent you from being able to acquire insurance altogether.

Property Value: Broken, cracked, and spalled concrete all bring down the resale value of your home. Whether your intention is to put your property on the market or to collateralize a loan with your equity value, damaged concrete areas will definitely impact the appraisal and lower the amount you can realize from the property. In many cases this can amount to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars which means concrete repair or replacement can offer a very good return on your investment.

Comfort, Pride and Safety: If looking out the window at the damaged concrete around your business or home gives you a nervous tic and sweaty palms then maybe it’s time for an expert restoration. Pride in your property comes with knowing your place is attractive, safe and that it assures the comfort of your family and visitors. The restoration or replacement of your dated or damaged concrete walks, driveways, etc. will go a long way in giving you this satisfying pride and peace of mind.

Expert Concrete Repair and Replacement is just a phone call away! Here at Creative Masonry & Chimney we will give you an honest job assessment, competitive estimates, fast and reliable service, and expert workmanship. Our professional team will give you back that pride of ownership and the security of knowing your concrete areas are safe and secure.

We can do it all for you. Whether it’s a repair, restoration or complete replacement, our team will take care of you quickly and correctly. Do you have a new concrete or paver project such as a patio, driveway, sidewalk, garden walkway, or other? We are your premier specialists for the job.

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