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Common Signs You Need Your Chimney Repaired

Post by : dminCMC


Maintaining your chimney is a crucial aspect of ensuring your home’s heating system is safe and effective. Your chimney can have a long lifespan, but the elements it is exposed to on a daily basis can cause the material to deteriorate and leave your home in danger. Unless you are consistently using your fireplace, it’s easy to put chimney repairs on the backburner.

As a homeowner, a heavy importance lies in knowing exactly when you need to call chimney specialists or masonry contractors near Bristol, CT. Having your chimney serviced by experts will alert you to any damage in areas you are unable to detect. However, there are some obvious signs you should be looking for to determine whether a service or repair is required.

What are the common signs that your chimney needs repair?

Before the winter season arrives, you should replace missing caps on your chimney and receive a sweep to get rid of debris, nests, and soot that have made your chimney home throughout the summer and autumn seasons. Plus, take a look at your crown, an area of the structure that is known to see cracks over time. A cracked crown will cause mildew and mold to form from the moisture that enters and should be replaced before the burning season, when you risk more damage.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

The most visible sign is deteriorating mortar joints. Damage to the mortar joints should be repaired as quickly as possible. Water from both rain and snow will seep into the cracks in the mortar, expanding during the freeze and thaw cycle. When your mortar joints are deteriorating, they are exposed to more moisture, which can destroy the entire chimney.


Do you see a white powdered substance or crystalline deposit on the side of your chimney? This tells you that you need service because of a water intrusion in your home. Don’t simply remove the discolored areas of the chimney, as that won’t solve your moisture problem. There are many problems directly related to moisture, and efflorescence is an issue that needs immediate attention.

Rusted Damper

Another moisture problem you can experience is a rusted damper. Either you can see the rust, or you’ll have a difficult time opening and closing the damper. Rust starts with cap, crown or mortar joint issues and can result in a cracked flue lining that puts your home at risk of a house fire. A chimney expert with the right camera inspection equipment will ensure your chimney system is operating efficiently.


When your cracks are expanded, they are spalling. The result is thin layers of brick separated from the face of the structure. You can easily detect a problem if you see bits of masonry around the bottom of the structure. The problem forces the masonry to pop out, and can ultimately cause complete destruction.

You should be alert to any issues or incidents that occur to your chimney before further damage occurs. If left unattended and you don’t receive a sweep, cleaning or repair, you are risking roof and foundation destruction. Make sure you contact a company that has the equipment and experience necessary to handle the job. Before burning season arrives, look for these signs and if any are visible, make an appointment with a chimney expert as soon as possible.