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Common Chimney Terms You Need to Know

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Most homeowners have at least a fundamental understanding of properly operating their fireplaces. However, your chimney and its associated flue are interconnected systems that may be difficult to maintain and potentially dangerous if you don’t understand how they function.

Knowing about your chimney is essential to keep your house secure and enjoy warm fires throughout the colder months without spending a fortune on repairs that may have been avoided if you only knew what to look for.

Here are a few terms that you should be aware of in case you ever need a chimney service in CT:

Chimney Cap

The top of the chimney is covered with a chimney cap to prevent debris from entering the flue. This metal cap protects the chimney from rain, snow, and other elements.

Chimney Chase Covers

You can install a chase cover to protect the top of a chimney. In the same way a chimney cap helps keep out rain, snow, leaves, dirt, and animals, the chase cover also protects the fireplace and flue from the elements.

Chimney Crown

A concrete cap, or “chimney crown,” sits above your chimney. Its single function is to prevent water from leaking down your chimney. Typically, chimney crowns are constructed from metal, concrete, or wood.

Chimney Damper

A chimney damper is used to regulate the movement of air and smoke up and out of a chimney. When closed, a damper forms a seal that prevents air from leaking in or out of the building. When open, however, it allows carbon monoxide-rich exhaust to escape down the chimney, which may be used to start and maintain a fire.

Chimney Flue

Chimney flues are passageways through which smoke and hot gases can escape outside the building rather than building up inside of it.

Chimney Liner

Chimney liners make it easier for smoke and harmful gases to escape your home. A chimney liner prevents chimney heat from radiating into your home. It prevents the mortar between bricks from becoming loose and crumbly as well.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the metalwork that surrounds the intersection of the roof and chimney. The flashing protects the roof by directing water away from the joint. If you notice leaks in your chimney or rust and water stains, your flashing needs repairing, and you should contact a chimney service in Simsbury, CT, immediately

Now that you know some of the jargon surrounding chimneys, you’ll have a better idea of when and why you might require a chimney repair in Avon, CT.

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