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Choosing the Best Firewood: A Guide

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If you find yourself in a position where you must routinely have your chimney inspected, repaired, and maintained, you should contact a professional service.

The materials you use in your chimney directly impact its health. The wood you burn should keep you warm without leaving behind a smear of creosote, tar, ash, or soot that makes chimney cleaning an impossible task.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest firewood that will work well with your fireplace without causing any damage to it.

Softwood or Hardwood – The Choice Is Yours

There are two categories of woods that can be considered. Softwood is more convenient for use as kindling or for making fires in the great outdoors because of its lower density and higher ignition rate. Hardwood, on the other hand, is often denser, burns longer, and generates more heat than softwood. Additionally, hardwood causes far less tar buildup in the chimney since it is much less sticky.

The Finest Choices in Softwood

· Cedar Wood

Cedar is a terrific option if you’re looking for softwood with that signature cedar aroma. Cedar is a wonderful option if you want a stable heat source with little flame, but it is more expensive than oak or birch per cord because of its moisture resistance and low supply. Cedar is also a great option if you want the deep crackle of an old-fashioned fireplace.

· Pine Wood

Pinewood is a fast-burning wood that produces a good flame and is easy to light, but it must be replenished frequently to maintain a large, roaring fire. Due to its high resin and sap content, it is the sole wood suitable for outdoor applications, though other woods can be incorporated.

· Larch Wood

Larch is one of the toughest softwoods and can be used alone or in combination with hardwoods to create an extremely intense fire. Larch is a fantastic choice if you need hardwood for a stove; it produces much smoke but requires little attention, so long as you keep the glass door closed.

The Finest Choices in Hardwood

· Oak Wood

Oak wood is dense, can burn for a long period, and is widely accessible at a reasonable price per cord. Oak wood is the finest choice to keep a fire running all night, but it works best when combined with other wood logs.

· Birch Wood

Even though it costs a bit more than oak, birch wood is a good choice for firewood because it ignites easily. White, yellow, and black species can be combined to create various colors and patterns. But if you want to ensure the fire doesn’t go out too quickly, adding some oak will assist.

· Ash Wood

Ash wood provides a stable flame and higher heat production at a lower cost than birch wood. Ash burns nicely on its own and is a favorite among most fireplace owners because of this.

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