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Furnace and Boiler Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning for Gas & Propane, Oil, and Wood Furnace-Boilers

We come highly recommended! After 10 years in business, we still have an excellent rating with the BBB. You can definitely count on Creative Masonry & Chimney when it comes to furnace or boiler flue cleaning for gas, propane, oil, and wood. This Chimney Sweep expert understands that a heating appliance and furnace requires its venting system to be cleaned as thoroughly as if it was a fireplace flue.

Naturally, flue cleaning should be considered a “par for the course” service for all Chimney Cleaning companies, and Creative Masonry & Chimney is no exception. In fact, we’re arguably one of the best in the field. Thanks to our long history and our willingness to take on the most challenging jobs, those that even our most dedicated of competitors refuse.

The Process of Boiler or Furnace Cleanup

The process of cleaning out boiler or furnace flue accumulate is quite similar to clearing out your fireplace; it could even be considered a microcosm of it. As a fully certified Chimney Cleaning company, we’ll make sure to clean all types of heating and furnace appliance flues you may have on hand, including gas, oil, pellet, propane, coal and more. We’re not limited to wood-burning fireplace cleaning; we’re a Certified Chimney Cleaning & Repair Specialist.

It’s a myth that gas heating systems don’t need cleaning or won’t produce some other kind of problematic build-up or deterioration. Every last home-heating element requires inspection and cleaning. Even gas and propane hot water furnaces and hot air furnaces require at least an annual inspection because even gas systems acquire “scale” build-up that forms when gas and moisture combine and start to deteriorate your chimney flues from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter how clean your fuel is and if it doesn’t produce smoke, soot, and other contaminants present in traditional oil-fired appliances or wood-burning stoves and whatnot. It’s important to remember that gas-fired appliances, propane boilers, and furnace flues all require the same amount of cleaning and maintenance as other chimneys.

When we get to your house we lay down drop cloths from the front door to the fireplace work area. Next, we bring in a three-level filtration HEPA Vac with high suction to keep the area free of dust. Afterward, we are ready to start removing the fireplace damper and sweep the fireplace’s flues, with a carefully chosen wire brush or sometimes with a poly brush. In order to make sure that there is no soot left on the flue walls, we move the brush upwards and downwards the chimney for several times. The firebox is also brushed down. All this is done while our 3-motored and 3-stage filtration system HEPA vac is continuously running to provide a clean environment.

The next step is to ensure that debris and soot are cleaned below the thimble for a minimum of 8’’. We will remove about 10 gallons of soot. When we put the appliances back to your fireplace, we make sure it works well. After we have completed this phase, we will perform a thorough check of both your fireplace and chimney to reassure your safety. It usually takes us about an hour to finish sweeping your chimney. It is advised to hire a professional company that is well-respected and fully experienced to get your job done.

Why Choose Us over Other, Cheaper Chimney Sweeps?

The particulate build-up for a furnace or boiler flue isn’t as immense as fireplace flue creosote and soot build-up, but it’s still there, and you still need the assistance of Chimney Sweep experts like us to ensure thorough cleaning, leaving it as though your boiler or furnace has never been used. There will be build-up whether your furnace uses wood, oil, propane, or gas, which requires us to remove and clean out the connections that vent your unit. Even an apparently clean furnace still requires constant cleaning in light of what it’s burning. Furthermore, while we’re not the cheapest of chimney sweeps, we’re the most cost-effective one around starting at only $349.99 (the average is $299 to $399), including a Level 1 Inspection.

In short, you need Certified Chimney Sweeps to help hook up vacuums into your pipes leading to your chimney to ensure thorough and worry-free Chimney Cleaning. Our highly trained Certified Sweeps are quite meticulous. We’ll leave no stone unturned, no entryway unclear, no accumulate left behind, and no chimney unclean thanks to our combination of modern and traditional cleaning services, such as our variety of brushes that scrub the inside of your chimney lining right from the top. We have certified Chimney Sweep experts ready to take on the toughest tasks, as well as dealing with furnace or boiler flue accumulate, with consistent professionalism every time. Rest assured that if you are not 100% delighted with your Chimney Service, we will re-service that area at no additional charge.

What We Bring to the Table in Terms of Chimney Cleaning

Professionalism, Knowledge, Experience, Integrity!

From the first time you call us until the last drop cloth is picked up; Creative Masonry & Chimney is at your service. We will give you upfront pricing, prompt service, and will send qualified service technicians to your home or business.

We are the Chimney Cleaning Experts, but we are not perfect. In the unlikely event that our company fails to meet your expectations we back up all of our services with a “No Hassle Guarantee”. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your chimney sweep, we will come back and re-service the area in question at no additional charge to you. Our chimney sweep & repair trucks are equipped to handle just about every job they attend, ON THE SPOT!

As our name suggests, we can handle all of your masonry & chimney needs, servicing ALL of the Connecticut (CT) area. Look around your town and I’m sure you will see us! We visit towns like Berlin, Bristol, Southington, Newington, Granby, Simsbury, West Hartford, Farmington, and Avon on a regular basis. We have an extended service range into towns like Old Saybrook, West Haven, Danbury and Greenwich CT.

With today’s high energy costs, nobody wants to waste money using a boiler that’s inefficient in its fuel consumption because of how dirty it is. So, if you want your wood, oil, gas, and propane heating systems to work properly and not have their performance compromised by not being cleaned for months and years, you should give us a call immediately. It’s about time you invested in the services of the Chimney Cleaning experts at Creative Masonry & Chimney.