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Chimney Inspections in Connecticut

Creative Masonry & Chimney is a company solely dedicated to ensuring you get a quality chimney inspection. Our certified technicians will help keep your chimney in excellent condition. Furthermore, we’ll be sure to monitor your chimney so that it never becomes a fire or respiratory hazard of any kind.

On that note, if you are uncertain if your chimney needs cleaning, contact us now and we will perform an inspection on your behalf. Not only do we perform certified chimney inspections but fireplace inspections as well, since accumulated dust, dirt, grease, soot, and creosote can come from the fireplace itself.

Why Chimney Inspections Are Important

Chimney inspection from roof

NFPA 211 suggests that once a year you should undergo some level of chimney inspection. That brick and mortar or metal smoke vent of sorts is a crucial part of your home, particularly in matters relating to fireplaces and heating system vents. It is important to be sure that your chimney can contain items of combustion (exhaust) and safely vent them from the heating appliance to the top of your chimney.

Numerous chimneys across Connecticut are built using terra cotta flue tiles. These tiles are about as thick as your finger and stacked on top of each other from the appliance to the top of your chimney. There is only a small amount of cement between each tile joint. Over time, the flues both expand and contract as moisture seeps in. As a result, joints crack and fall out, preventing your chimney from drafting safely.

The risk of fires is another reason to have your chimney inspected. A hairline crack can open up to ¼” and let hot ashes or flames out of the flues into the chimney chase area. Burning at 2100 degrees, a chimney fire is a very serious matter that can set your entire home or building structure ablaze.

Lastly, having your chimney inspected on a regular basis can help you save money. Our highly trained chimney repair experts can identify current problems with this structure. Correcting a small problem now can save you thousands of dollars later. You want smoke and harmful chemicals out of your home and not stuck inside it, especially if you have people who are suffering from asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, or allergies living in your house. You should have your chimney thoroughly inspected. It’s worth the money and the health of you and your family.

Preventing Fire and Health Hazards by Determining Chimney Condition

Regular chimney inspection and cleaning services can reduce the incidence of fire hazards in your home because a blocked, accumulate-filled chimney that’s dripping with creosote is combustible enough to at least damage the structure or, at worst, start a fire that will burn down your home and all the surrounding homes.

People schedule fireplace and chimney inspections regularly because it’s dangerous to neglect these services.

Even if you’re regularly cleaning these areas, you may still need an inspection to see if you’ve missed any spots, as well as an assessment as to if they require a more thorough sweeping or vacuuming.

It’s better to be safe than sorry; that’s the prevailing school of thought when it comes to chimney inspection services. You wouldn’t want your home’s equivalent of an exhaust pipe to be blocked. That could spell disaster, as harmful carbon monoxide, which needs to be expelled, is pushed right back into your home. A chimney that’s not regularly or properly cleaned can get damaged by the wear-and-tear of constant usage. If this practice continues, it’s very likely that you will end up calling for masonry repairs, which can be expensive.

Chimney Inspection or Free Estimate?

A word of caution: a chimney inspection is required because it’s difficult for you to evaluate your chimney’s condition simply by looking at it. Do you really want a free estimate for work you may not need? Of course not! There have been many cases where the homeowner only wanted a free estimate, and they got it—along with a big fee for a repair they may not have needed. They were unsure if their chimney even needed work. We are here to help you! A chimney inspection is required because it determines your next course of action!

You can greatly benefit from Creative Masonry & Chimney‘s expertise. Get a Free Estimate, or call us at (860) 225-9178.

Chimney Inspection Costs

  • Level 1 – $129.99
  • Level 2 – $349.99 (includes a video camera)
  • Level 3 – Usually the most expensive – Price Varies From $399 & Up.

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