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Chimney Sweep 101: A Guide to Chimney Cleaning

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Did you know that over 1 million chimney fires occur annually in the United States? Everyone loves to sit in front of a fireplace with their family, all warm and cozy. Still, not many know the importance of frequently cleaning that chimney to ensure their family’s safety. Consequently, to keep away from this expense and save your family from any fire risks, it is critical to have a chimney sweep on an annual basis.

smoke coming out of a chimney

When to Opt for Chimney Sweep?

As per the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a chimney liner should be investigated and cleaned once there is 1/8 of ash and creosote development inside. A chimney sweep is meant to eliminate blockages, buildup, and ash from all the chimney parts. It is vital to dispose of creosote promptly as it is combustible and can transform into a significant fire danger. Besides, if you don’t follow excellent wood-consuming practices, the pace of creosote development in the chimney can be quicker.

For What Reason Should I Have a Chimney Sweep?

A chimney sweep is helpful for many reasons, such as buying a new house, avoiding the additional expense of damage, and getting ready for the winter season. Many also lose thousands of dollars when they do not get their fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned each year. It is advised to prepare them beforehand so you can enjoy your winter season and all the celebrations in a cozy and warm environment.

firewood burning in a fireplace

Are Fireplace and Wood Stove Chimney Sweeping The Same?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Similar to regular fireplace Chimneys, the same problems occur with the wood stove, such as soot buildup and creosote. The major difference lies and how they are cleaned and the process that goes into it.

 When Should I Get Chimney Sweep?

Whenever you’re considering utilizing your fireplace to stay warm in the winter, plan a chimney sweep to have a better experience. However, you can use casual examination before summers to avoid it becoming smelly due to the decomposition of all the waste during the winters.

While the ideal time would be late-summer or before summer, you can get your chimney cleaned at any time of the year convenient to you. In any case, a few organizations do that year-round, assuming you’ve recently started utilizing the benefits of your firework.

Plan your Chimney Sweep with Creative Masonry & Chimney

Regular chimney cleaning is essential to your home’s environment and your family’s health, which is why it is very important to get it cleaned. If you’re looking for professional chimney cleaning services in Connecticut, Creative Masonry & Chimney offers various services. Our professionals can clean and repair chimneys, construct or repair masonry, repair or remodel fireplaces, and much more. Contact us now to get your chimney swept!