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Chimney Services in Avon, Connecticut

If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable chimney service company in Avon, Connecticut and surrounding areas, look no further. The professionals at Creative Masonry & Chimney are the top experts in the area for all chimney services, with an A+ BBB rating and a community presence that dates back to 2002.

Whether you require our services for your home or for any kind of commercial building, we’re on hand to provide you with a full range of chimney services. We can help you evaluate any chimney issues and quote you for basic repair or cleaning services, and we pride ourselves in transparency and customer satisfaction. Reach out to us for chimney cleaning, chimney repairs, or fireplace remodeling services in Avon, CT.

Chimney Services in Avon

Chimney Repair Services

We offer all of the following chimney repair services to all our Avon clients:

  • Chimney rebuilding: The process of rebuilding your masonry, starting from the bottom and moving up to fight against deterioration or wear. We can also assist you with several areas of preventive maintenance to keep this kind of damage from taking place to begin with, such as waterproofing, crown repair and chimney dampers.
  • Chimney caps: We can install a wide variety of chimney caps to prevent rain, snow and other moisture elements from entering your chimney or crown. These caps also keep pests and animals out.
  • Chimney liners: Many older chimneys are used today with modern furnaces and water heaters, and this can create some issues by allowing carbon monoxide to enter the home. We can install chimney liners that remove this risk.
  • Chimney chase covers: Similar to caps, chimney chase covers are durable materials that can stand up to even the most extreme winter weather. They help prevent both moisture leakage and resulting mold concerns. We can assist you with both installing and maintaining chimney chase covers.
  • Masonry: We’re also proud to offer Connecticut’s premier masonry services, including restoration, repairs and new construction. We’ve worked with every material and application format, and our master masons can help you preserve any structure.

Chimney Cleaning Services

We also offer high-quality chimney cleaning and sweeping services, designed to maintain your chimney space and keep it properly ventilated. We’ve spent over 30 years keeping chimneys and fireplaces clean for Avon and surrounding area customers, plus can offer the following additional services:

  • Stove cleaning: We recommend at least annual inspections and cleanings for wood stoves, and similar levels for pellet stoves. We’ll keep you from wasting materials or wearing down your stove.
  • Chimney inspections: Assessing your chimney and ensuring it never becomes a hazard, plus identifying cleaning needs.
  • Boiler and furnace cleaning: Furnace or boiler cleaning for a variety of burning materials, including propane, gas, oil and even wood.

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Trusted Chimney Contractor in Avon

No matter which of our services you require, you’ll receive them from expert, experienced professionals. All our chimney professionals are fully insured with liability and worker’s comp, plus have years of experience providing high-quality products to your exact area. To learn more about our chimney repair and cleaning services in Avon and surrounding areas, call the pros at Creative Masonry & Chimney today to set an appointment.