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Do you often notice water stains on the ceiling or walls of your chimney during the wet season? If yes, you might need to get your chimney flashing repaired the right way. The joint between the chimney and the roof is extremely vulnerable to seepage, particularly in areas where there’s a continuous freeze and thaw cycle. The good news is that you can get your flashing repaired without the need to install a new roof.

Signs Your Chimney Flashing Needs Repair:

  1. Leaks from the chimney.
  2. Dripping sounds or visible puddles.
  3. Discoloration of bricks.
  4. Rust stains.
  5. Water stains.
  6. Gaps in the caulking that’s around flashing

Central Connecticut’s Leading Masonry Contractor

If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned signs, the professionals at Creative Masonry and Chimney have got you covered. We’re a leading name in Connecticut and are known for our exemplary service across Farmington. Although we specialize in masonry repair and building, we take pride in our chimney services being one of the greatest in the industry.

How Is A Chimney Flashing Repaired?

When it comes to repairing a chimney flashing, the process is super intricate. This is why it’s best to leave it up to the professionals to do the job. Incorrectly installed flashing can invite further water damage, which can result in higher repair costs. At Creative Masonry and Chimney, we follow this repairing process:

  • Our professionals begin by inspecting the caulking that’s around the chimney flashing. In some cases, simply re-caulking the area can solve the problem.
  • Next, the old chimney flashing is carefully removed. Our team also removes any metal, wood, or mortar that’s connected to the stack.
  • Our professionals will then use their industry-standard tools to correctly measure the area for accuracy.
  • The area around the stack will be tuck-pointed.
  • Lastly, they will begin installing the flashing.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get your chimney flashing repaired in CT!