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Have your chimney dampers replaced by professional technicians

Chimney dampers play an important role in the way your chimney operates. They help keep conditioned air inside when your fireplace isn’t in use but allow air to flow through and let the smoke out when a fire is burning.

This may not seem like a lot, but a damaged or broken damper can actually be a health and safety hazard that can put you and your family at risk. You can reach out to Creative Masonry & Chimney LLC for our chimney damper repairs in CT, and we’ll make sure our skilled technical experts are the ones servicing your home.

We work with certified, trained technicians and masons who know what’s required to rebuild, repair, and replace with damaged or worn-out chimney dampers in Connecticut. Please don’t wait to have them repaired because that puts your safety at risk.

Work with our company to replace fireplace dampers at home

Fireplaces are definitely must-have features for places as cold as Connecticut—and that’s why it’s all the more important that you work to maintain them. When you’re not burning a fire, use fireplace dampers to seal in the air inside your home and prevent air from the outside coming in.

However, when your fireplace is in use, your fireplace dampers play an important role in keeping the air breathable and smoke going out. This keeps you and your household members safe, protected and gives your home proper ventilation.

If you notice smoke being trapped indoors and insufficient or improper circulation and airflow, contact our company immediately. We offer fireplace damper repairs across Connecticut and have a team of skilled, experienced technicians who can get the job done.