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Crown Repair CT

Prevent Costly Repairs

Chimney crown repair by Creative Masonry & Chimney will keep your chimney in great shape for a long time. Damaged or improperly built chimney crowns are a common problem in Connecticut. Think of them as the roof of your chimney. A cracked or poorly constructed chimney crown will allow water to penetrate, causing deterioration of the brick and masonry mortar joints, which leads to expensive chimney repair costs. A chimney crown is usually made of a Portland cement mix. When cement dries it shrinks and checks (cracks). The proper way to install a new crown takes time and the proper mix of cement. Not every mason or chimney repair company has the knowledge to replace or repair your chimney’s crown properly. In a lot of cases, inexperienced contractors will try to caulk the individual cracks. This approach is a waste of time and money.

Chimney Crown Repair Costs

Creative Masonry & Chimney offers inexpensive solutions guaranteed to protect your chimney for years to come. When it comes to options we are current on all new materials and procedures available in repairing chimney crowns. Keep in mind these prices are based on ideal working conditions, standard size chimneys, standard access to the TOP of the chimney and do not require scaffolding to be used. Some restrictions apply.

Backpuffing occurs when the fireplace smoke coming back into the house. This can result from several factors. One of them is a downdraft. A chimney cap can help stop downdrafts.

Crown Repair CT
  • Single flue chimney – $250 – $350
  • Two flue Chimney- $275 – $400
Crown Replacement (Wash Type)
  • Single flue chimney – $250 – $350
  • Two flue Chimney- $325 – $450
Crown Replacement (Formed)
  • Single flue chimney – $395 – $495
  • Two flue Chimney- $600 – $850

Cracked Chimney Crown

Repaired Chimney Crown

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