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Chimney Liner Installations

Chimney Liner Installation & Chimney Relining

Stainless steel chimney liners are an efficient way to address the age old problem of old chimneys collecting flue gasses and moisture. When old chimneys are used for today’s higher efficiency furnaces and water heaters, this can take a toll on their construction and make them unsafe. This unsafe practice allows carbon monoxide to collect and back up in the chimney and enter your house.

To ensure the safety of you and your family, it is best to go for modern chimney liners that solve this problem. Check out the TOP 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU RELINE YOUR CHIMNEY

The Dangers of NOT Relining Your Chimney

Even if your chimney looks pristine from the outside, there is a good possibility that there are problems within. Our experts will inspect your chimney for current damage or early signs of erosion. All chimneys, new and old, should be inspected annually for safety measures. However, older chimneys do introduce a host of issues. With these older models it is probable that our chimney professionals will find:

  • Original clay liner or no liner at all
  • Erosion that can include anything from loose pieces to missing chunks of bricks
  • Moisture that has begun to seep into your home
  • Possibility of internal collapse
  • Build-up of debris in the flue which can cause internal fires
  • Gas leaks, primarily carbon monoxide into your home

By choosing to not re-line your chimney you are putting your home and family at risk. Carbon monoxide is a very real threat that is difficult to detect in your home but can lead to illness and even death. The good news is that you don’t have to rebuild your chimney to solve these problems. Our technicians can insert a stainless steel liner specifically fitted to your chimney

Tips when purchasing chimney liner installation

  • Don’t buy a chimney liner system based on the lowest price.
  • The average cost for a heating flue is $1750 -$2100.
  • The average cost for a fireplace is $4000-$5000.
  • The average cost for Wood & Pellet Stoves -$1200 -$1850.
  • Pay attention to the warranties offered by different liner companies, as they differ greatly.
  • Is the contractor authorized to install the liner system? Will you still have the manufacturers warranty?
  • Make sure the contractor has liability AND workers comp insurance. There is a need to go on your roof. It is dangerous work!
  • Be sure to pay attention to sizing! Don’t get a liner that is too small or too big.
  • What grade of stainless steel do you need? Do you have gas, oil, wood, or coal?

A Word of Caution- All stainless steel chimney liners and installers are NOT built the same! There are many grades of stainless steel such as 430, 304, 316L, 316Ti, Al29-4c and much more. Which is the correct stainless steel for your heating system or wood stove? Can you tell the difference by looking at it? Neither can any chimney liner installer. That’s why it is vital to purchase a U.L. listed chimney relining system from a reputable manufacturer. Call Creative Masonry & Chimney Now!

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