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Chimney Repair or Replacement: Which Should You Go For?

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If you are starting to notice cracks in the bricks of your chimney, you might want to consider calling in professional chimney service providers. Depending on your chimney’s damage and the structural integrity, you may need some light to medium repairs, or you may need a full-on replacement for your chimney.

To help you differentiate, here’s a couple of things you can look out for to help you decide what is necessary.

house with a chimney

Chimney Maintenance Requirements

Before we move on to the conversation between getting repair work done or completely replacing a chimney, consider that you may only need some level of maintenance work instead. If done right, chimney maintenance, like cleaning, sweeping, and general upkeep for individual parts, can reduce the need for repairs or replacement altogether. Quite a few, if not all, chimney problems can be avoided if you simply manage to keep the moisture out and the insides of a chimney clean. Installing dampers, a crown, and cleaning it out every time there is soot build-up will help keep the chimney in great shape.

Chimney Repair Requirements

There are several reasons you could require chimney repairs. As mentioned above, most of the damage that comes to the chimney comes through moisture. A telltale sign that you need some repair work is if you see white staining across the chimney. This staining is called efflorescence, and it’s a sign that too much moisture has been absorbed into the masonry. Another sign is cracking in the brickwork or mortar joints. This is a sure-shot sign that you need immediate repair work. If the cracks grow beyond a point, the structural integrity of the chimney may be compromised.

Chimney Replacement Requirements

The point at which you will end up requiring a complete replacement for your chimney is only a few steps away from unattended repair needs. Water leakage, growing cracks, or lots of white stains and rust can make the structure of the chimney unreliable. In some cases, your chimney may even begin to sway or start leaning in a certain direction. At this point, it wouldn’t be recommended that the chimney be used, and replacements should immediately be made.

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