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Chimney Rebuilding vs Chimney Re-pointing: The Difference

Post by : dminCMC


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Chimneys are prone to damage from weather, wear and tear and so many other reasons. And when it comes to repairs, the primary difference between chimney re-pointing and chimney rebuilding is” timing”. And shrewd observation is required for chimney re-pointing.

The Difference

Chimney rebuilding involves complete removal of the existing brick, mortar joints, and stonework down to the bare chimney base. For rebuilding, new bricks are laid with lime and mortar by using modern construction methods like concrete fireplaces, or by using the original specification.

Whereas chimney repointing only removes the thinnest layer of debris from the masonry surface. This is stripped down to the bright finish line by using power tools for curved work and tuck-pointing for flatwork. The tuck-pointing tool does not remove the entire bricks, masonry stone, or mortar joints; it simply removes the old mortar joint material and replaces it with the new one.

Grey Stone Fireplace

Chimney Repointing

Weathering and decay can cause the mortar joint to crack and crumble leading to water infiltration and weak structure, frost damage, and structure failures. Chimney repointing is an affordable procedure and a permanent repair. The quality of the materials used and the skills of the masonry determine how long the repointing will last. If you find your chimney leaking in a short time after the repairs, then you might need to change our material or the service.

If you see:

  1. Deteriorating mortar joints
  2. Point material crumbling and loose on the outer edges
  3. Water stains on the inside and outside of your home near the chimney.

Then you might need to call your local chimney repair service. If you live in Southington CT, Creative Masonry and Chimney offer excellent chimney repair services.

 Chimney Rebuilding

A chimney rebuild can be based on:

  1. Partial Chimney Rebuilding: When you have limited chimney damage, the mason will completely rebuild the chimney from the bricks and mortar in some places like building larger sections, and crowns.
  2. Roofline Rebuilding: This is done when rood lining, roof framing, sheathing, or rafter have been damaged. The mason will not only rebuild the entire chimney but also install and new rood framing system.
  3. Complete Rebuild: This is the most expensive and extensive rebuild procedure. This includes a new crown, flashing installation, and damper. And can last upto10-15 years with proper maintenance. The mason will elect for this repair when the chimney is so damaged that repointing and roofline rebuild is no longer an option.

If you see:

  1. Damaged structure
  2. Worn out bricks and mortar joints
  3. Loose bricks and mortar joints

Then you might need to call your local chimney repair service. If you live in Cromwell CT, Creative Masonry and Chimney offer quality chimney installation services

If you are looking for chimney restoration chimney rebuilding in CT, check out Creative Masonry and Chimney. Call us now for an estimate and information on our services.