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Chimney Exteriors Problems—What Your Chimney is Trying to Tell You

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It’s all fun and games till a brick comes crumbling down. It’s only then that you realize that your home’s exterior—specifically your chimney—has been trying to tell you something!

Although durable, in essence, your chimney isn’t impenetrable nor is it invulnerable. Though it does have the structural strength to withstand some of the more considerable damage from moisture, weather elements, and creosote, it eventually starts showing signs of wear.

As a homeowner, taking the necessary steps to limit any damage not only improves your chimney’s life, it saves you from a hefty repair or remodeling bill afterward!

Problems in the Chimney Exteriors That You Should Be Aware Of

–          Cracks in the Crown

On average, Connecticut receives about 50 inches of rain. Though not a lot, it’s enough that you should be concerned if you see cracks in your chimney crown.

Located at the top of your chimney, this section is most susceptible to weather damage. If cracks appear in the crown, moisture gets in, which softens the internal masonry and increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. Any cracks or damage to this part have to be repaired right away.

–          Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the metal strip that’s wrapped around the base of your chimney. Used as a waterproof seal along the seam, this component is durable enough but can become stressed or warped because of exposure to temperature changes.

Age also plays a factor. So, if your house is old enough, and you see any wet stains on the ceiling near your chimney, the chances are that chimney flashing may just be giving up.

–          Gaps in the Mortar Joints

Notice any gaps in your chimney’s mortar joints? Don’t put off having those repaired till the last minute!

Mortar gaps expose your brick masonry to moisture as well as the changes in temperature, something that does a number on your chimney during the monsoon seasons. Unless you want your chimney to quite literally fall apart and crumble, we suggest having that structure fixed.

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Also, don’t ignore any missing bricks. That is a sign your chimney has already suffered extensive damages. Don’t let the situation worsen.

Contact Us for Chimney Repairs!

If you notice any external damage to your chimney, get in touch with us at (860) 225-9178 and book a free consultation for chimney repairs and chimney crown repair in CT. And let us know if you suspect any internal damage as well so we can come well-equipped for the job!

Use this time to give your chimney an overhaul. You’ll thank yourself when winter rolls around, and you have a friendly, toasty fire to enjoy!