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3 Signs Your Chimney Cap Needs Replacement

The summer months are the best time to get your chimney inspected by a professional to see if it requires repairs or cleaning. Getting chimney repair and cleaning services before the arrival of the winter season will help you avoid being put on a waiting list for chimney services. Your chimney sweep will also let you know […]

The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Chimney

A chimney is used as a heating system and a fireplace. If it’s not cleaned correctly, it can affect the chimney’s functionality. Regularly neglecting your chimney can reduce its lifecycle. However, there are many other dangers as well. Let’s take a look at some. Chimney Fire As the chimney continues to burn, it begins to […]

Family Activities to Enjoy on a Patio

A patio is an amazing addition to any house because it is versatile and can offer various benefits. When you add a patio, you have more space for entertaining guests, and you can increase your property value. You can sit down on your patio and enjoy your morning coffee. And the best part is that […]

What Is Concrete Repair And Does Your Chimney Need It?

Concrete repair calls for work on masonry and concrete structures that start to lose their strength over time due to various factors. These factors ranging from weather to age, effect the structure in such a way that they often require immediate attention. Chimneys, like most masonry construction, sometimes need extensive or minor concrete repair work. […]

The Long-Term Disadvantages of Not Getting Your Chimney Cleaned

For what it’s worth, let’s say it out loud: a chimney cleaning should not be left undone for a very long period of time. Ideally, a chimney should be cleaned once every year or if you find a glazed consistency residue on the inner walls of your chimney it should be done immediately. In any […]