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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Masonry Service Provider

If you are building your new home or making additions to the existing one, masonry is the service you must pay the most attention to. Foundation is everything in any construction project, and professional masonry ensures this for you. However, with so many masonry service providers currently available, how do you choose the best one? […]

2022 Home Design Trends: Celebrate Nature & Tradition with Masonry Stone Work

The pandemic has taught people to value spending time at home, close to their families, and find comfort in simple things. Nowadays, homeowners focus on functional, sustainable, and comfortable elements in their home design. There’s a profound appreciation for nature and tradition, and masonry stonework ticks all the boxes. Masonry design is not only functional but […]

How Masonry Interior Can Make Your Home Sustainable & Efficient

Sustainability is continuously gaining ground in every industry worldwide. Homeowners and construction companies are rethinking how to design and build houses with a minimal carbon footprint. However, sustainability is not the only feature homeowners look for. Elegance, cost-effectiveness, and durability are other essential qualities considered when buying or building a home, and masonry fulfills all […]

3 Masonry Additions to Boost Your Home’s Value

Real estate can be a profitable business, but the profit depends on how you go about selling your house. While most people would consider it stupid to build and invest in a house you are planning on selling; the fact is that these few features can add quite a bit of value to your house. […]

What to Look For In a Masonry Contractor

It’s always nice to plan a renovation of the front façade of your home or visualizing how the walkway would look with paving stones. You go up on the internet, look for ‘masonry service near me’ and call the top name that comes up in the search result. In a way this isn’t the wrong […]

Here’s Why Concrete Repair Is a Vital Concern

Concrete is the most widely consumed material in the world, after water. According to statistics, out 143 tall buildings that were completed in 2018, 62.9% were made from concrete. While concrete has many benefits including being fire-resistant and environmentally friendly, it also cracks and withers just like any other material. While it doesn’t demand frequent […]