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Why Does My Chimney Smell?

Not everyone knows to expect weird smells to come down your fireplaces. While it shouldn’t happen regularly, smells and odors can come through occasionally. They are usually a good sign that a chimney inspection is required. Here are some common reasons why your chimney may be smelling bad. Image Title: chimney-sweep Alt-Text: House with chimneys […]

If You Have Children at Home, Follow These Chimney Safety Tips

Having a fireplace in the house can be quite an exciting experience for children, especially during the winter months. Having a log burning through the end-of-year holiday season while the family sits around it will make for great memories. Of course, there will also be concerns about keeping the children safe around a blazing fire. […]

How to Avoid the Risk of Fires in Your House

Chimney fires are no joke. Approximately 25,000 chimney fires are reported every year in the United States. These fires can be as extreme as fire being shot from the roof of your house and dangerous enough to burn down a house completely. Today, we’ll discuss how to avoid these fires and the importance of chimney […]

Noises from the Chimney? Here’s What it Could Mean

It is not unusual for a house with a chimney to be making strange and random noises. In many cases, the noises may be nothing to worry about at all, but in others, it could be a sign that you need chimney services. Here’s a short guide on what sort of sounds will need some […]

Follow These Tips to Avoid a Chimney Repair

While no part of your home will ever actually be fine without some sort of upkeep and repair work, it is entirely possible to minimize the amount of time and effort that would be required to get something like the chimney fixed. Often a time-consuming and hectic form of maintenance, chimney repairs can take up […]

How Chimneys Cause Fires

Chimney fires are no joke. Across the US, thousands of homes are yearly damaged due to unexpected chimney fires. Not only do these flames severely damage your chimney’s masonry, but they’ll also put your life and your family’s lives at risk. In this blog, you’ll learn how chimney fires come to be and what you […]

You Need Chimney Inspections in the Summer—Here’s Why

Before the colder months begin to creep up on us, ask yourself if your chimney is ready to function through the winter. If you haven’t gotten your chimney serviced since it was switched off in spring, then you should definitely get it inspected before the end of summer. The warmer months are always better for […]

How to Get an Animal Hiding in Your Chimney Out of it

So, you’re sitting by your fireplace reading a good book. All of a sudden, you hear a strange rustling sound coming from your chimney. You take a closer look, and you see (and smell) animal feces in your firewood. What does it all mean? You’ve gathered that you probably have a small animal who’s stuck, […]

Signs Your Chimney is Damaged

People don’t often think about their chimneys and if they need any work done on them. The problem is that in most cases, the chimney is out of sight (and so out of mind as well). Even if you looked up your fireplace or climbed on your roof to check, you may not recognize the […]

Everything That Can Go Wrong with Chimneys

If you haven’t had the fireplace or chimney in your house cleaned out in a while, it may be time to consider calling in a chimney sweep. Many people don’t realize that there are quite a few hazards associated with a dirty chimney, and without a regular cleaning schedule, it’s easy for those problems and […]