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Chimney 101: What’s The Deal With Creosote?

Whenever smoke does not really elude from the fireplace, Creosote, a dark, tar-like material, accumulates. Creosote often ignites chimney explosions when it accumulates, which could also subsequently result in fire incidents. Fortunately, a qualified fireplace sweep from Chimney Cleaning Windsor, CT,  can assist in resolving the problem of Creosote in a chimney. Creosote: What Is It? […]

How to Identify Common Chimney Problems

Cleaning chimneys is a very hectic and can dissuade people from even cleaning them. People are lazy to clean their chimneys or even conduct a simple inspection. This is a dangerous thing to do when you have been using the chimney for years without any inspection. You may overlook some common chimney problems by not paying […]

Restoring an Old Chimney: Associated Risks and Maintenance Tips

Chimney plays a vital role in ensuring your home is well-ventilated. It also helps keep the house warm and ensures that any heater or fireplace smoke clears adequately. Therefore, you need to make sure your home has an operational and clean chimney so it works to its optimal level.

How Chimney Cleaning Can Affect Home Insurance

Chimney cleaning is an essential process that can help keep your place safe. In case of any damage caused by a chimney hazard, your home insurance company will request cleaning and inspection records to process a claim. If you have just moved into a house or are planning to move into one, ensure that its […]

Why You Should Clean Your Chimney This Winter

During the winter, fireplaces and stoves are in constant use of heating. If your fireplace or chimney is not clean, it can cause severe health issues. This blog post will explain why you should clean your chimney in the winter season. To Protect Your House from Fire Hazards We constantly burn wood for heating in […]

Signs That Indicate Your Chimney Requires a Repair

Home is where the hearth is. Associating the fireplace with a space that feels like home is as old as time because, for many of us, having family and family huddled around a warm and cozy fireplace is emotional and intimate. However, if the fireplace is working improperly, such a cozy space can easily turn into a […]

Importance of Chimney Flue

The fireplace’s safety is promised by essential materials working behind the scenes. One of those crucial elements is the chimney flue: a lining inside the chimney that keeps your home and family safe. Read on to learn more about how the chimney flue is important for a fireplace to work safely. What is a Chimney Flue? […]

How Winter Affects Your Chimney

While the fireplace does offer warmth, its chimney undergoes slow changes in the winter. The winter villain, AKA freeze and thaw damage, affects buildings, roads, infrastructure—chimneys are no exception. This is a problem that homeowners dealing with the harsh winters of Connecticut have to face regularly. Freeze-and-thaw damage recurs and unless treated, the results are disastrous […]

A Complete Guide to Chimney Creosote

Ever wondered why chimney cleaning needs to be done regularly? One of the major reasons why these are necessary at regular intervals is because of creosote build-up. Creosote is a black-colored oily substance. It sticks to the walls of the fireplace and chimney. Creosote is a by-product of fire. In this blog, let’s take a […]