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Giving Your Old Chimney a New Life

Very few things can beat sitting in front of a warm fireplace while it’s snowing outside. But, a fireplace comes with unique requirements, for instance, keeping the chimney clean and pest-free. Sprucing it up a bit can even add value to your house. Read on to learn different ways in which you can upgrade and […]

3 Chimney Rebuilding Benefits

The chimney is an integral part of your roof if you have a fireplace installed. Connecticut is thunderstorm prone in spring and snowstorm prone in winter. After withstanding such extreme weather conditions, the roof and chimney are bound to show signs of damage. What is Chimney Rebuilding? The process of chimney rebuilding involves breaking your chimney […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Cap Installation

A chimney is essential to your roof if you have a fireplace installed at your house. They protect your house from external weather elements during thunderstorms and snowstorms. Your chimney has different parts that require a different level of care. According to EPA, the leading factor of house fires was chalked up to failure to […]

What is Chimney Repointing, and Why is It Important?

A chimney is an essential part of your roof if you have a well-functioning fireplace installed in your house. Chimney repair should be a priority as it acts as a protective layer against various external elements. It also helps to vent out the corrosive gases away from the house. But chimneys can become prone to damage […]