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Can I Add a Fireplace to My Small Home? Answering Your Questions

Post by : dminCMC


You’re partially excited, and partially afraid.
While it’s a beautiful feature to add to your home, you’re still worried that adding a fireplace might simply add more to your list of home responsibilities. Sure, it’ll offer warmth and coziness. But what about the sparks and the embers you’ll have to deal with? What about the added costs of keeping your fireplace clean?

For all your questions, Creative Masonry & Chimney offers answers to help you understand that a fireplace is, in fact, a worthwhile investment for your home!

Can I Have a Fireplace in a Small House?

Yes, you can. But there are some requirements. With smaller homes where there’s no place to build a fireplace, you can choose to opt for an electric stove, a wall mount or a small personal fireplace. However, if you have enough space to add a fireplace in the structure, make sure that your plans are up to code. Rules vary from county to county, so make sure it’s allowed in your area.

Will I Need to Sweep My Fireplace and Chimney Often?

Not every month, but once a year works fine. Otherwise, if you look up the throat of your fireplace, and find a good quarter of an inch of soot inside, have it swept. If it’s shiny, have it cleaned, since that’s glazed creosote.

Do all Fireplaces Smoke?

No. And if it smokes, there might be a problem. Yes, a bit of smoke is common if there’s a downdraft, but that’s what a chimney cap is for. If your fireplace starts smoking, it might be because the fire is too far forward in the firebox, the chimney is clogged, or the opening of the fireplace is larger than the size of the chimney flue.

Can I Burn Trash or Papers in My Fireplace?

While it’s recommended that you use a few balls of newspaper or wood bark as tinder to get the fire going, your fireplace is not meant to burn trash. There’s a reason there are specific woods for burning. Making the fire too hot by using trash or loads of paper as tinder, might result in a chimney fire.

Why Do I Need a Fireplace Door or Screen?

Fireplace doors and screens keep the sparks from spraying out. They also help retain heat for longer because they trap it inside after the fire dies down. Also, with a door or a screen, the equipment acts as a barrier between the fireplace and the surroundings and that protects people on the other side who may be a bit prone to clumsiness.

Interested in Learning?

Creative Masonry & Chimney offers a range of fireplace services, including fireplace installation, repair and maintenance services, to numerous cities in Connecticut including Burlington and Avon.
So, whatever your fireplace needs might be, you can depend on us.
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