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Bought A House With A Chimney? Here’s What You Need To Do

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Truth be told, it was the gorgeous deluxe fireplace that really got you sold on the idea of buying that house by whatever means necessary!

Now, with the keys in your hand and your stuff being moved in, you’ve had an in-depth, detailed look at the beautiful fireplace masonry and the cleared-out firebox you’ll enjoy forever.

But wait, are you sure that the fireplace is ready for you?

For starters, check if your purchased property ticks off one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your home was vacant for several months
  • The previous homeowner used the fireplace frequently
  • The fireplace was never used at all

If it does, you will need to take the following steps to ensure fireplace and chimney safety.

Step#1: Contact A Fireplace And Chimney Inspector

While you should have taken this step before making your purchase, it’s fine to call in a home inspector now so that they can have a look at your chimney.

With any house that’s left vacant for too long, disuse allows critters and animals like squirrels and even birds to work their way into the chimney. The resulting blockages from nests and other obstructions then end up causing immense damage to your chimney structure, because they don’t allow any passage for combustible gases to go up and out. And that leads to chimney fires.

As for fireplaces that are frequently used, creosote built-up within the chimney structure increases your chances of a chimney fire, since the creosote is highly flammable. Even if the chimney isn’t used as much, build-up from the past years, rust and chips, repairs that need to be done, all this causes more harm to your chimney and fireplace than you know.

That’s where a chimney and fireplace inspection allows you to understand what your chimney really needs.

We’d also recommend that you contact Creative Masonry and Chimney, so a professional chimney sweep can also make the rounds. Once they’ve given the all-clear, this assures you that your chimney is in working condition once again.

Step#2: Educate Yourself On Chimney Cleaning And Maintenance

Learning how to maintain your fireplace is crucial if you want to use it in the years to come. The type of fuel it requires, the right type of logs, whether you need a damper or an insert to keep the heat in, learning how to use this feature in your home will save you from a hefty repair job in the future.

Pro-Tip: Schedule a professional inspection and annual chimney sweep on the same day each year. This’ll help you stick to a proper calendar for your chimney’s health.

Step#3: Equip Yourself For Chimney Fire Safety

For any home with a chimney and fireplace, you must keep all the necessary equipment updated. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers on every floor are a must.

Do You Require Professional Chimney Services?

Creative Masonry and Chimney is here to help.

We offer masonry, chimney and fireplace services in numerous regions in Connecticut, including Bloomfield, Simsbury, Hartford, and more. Get in touch with us and book an appointment. A professional from Creative Masonry and Chimney will be at hand to help you keep your home safe, and your chimney and fireplace functioning properly.