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Assessing and Remedying Chimney and Fireplace Drafts

Post by : Ed


At Creative Masonry & Chimney, our various chimney and fireplace services benefit our clients in both safety and comfort areas alike. Take our chimney sweep and cleaning services, for instance, which both keep your chimney and fireplace working safely and increase your basic comfort simultaneously through the elimination of debris or other contaminants that may impact everything from fire quality to odor, smoke runoff and other areas.

One of the most common fireplace-related issues our pros are happy to help with: Drafts, or chilly breezes that sometimes come from the fireplace. Drafts often signal that heat is escaping your home rather than being properly funneled inside, and finding their source and sealing it is important for maintaining fireplace efficiency. Here are a few of the most common draft sources to check on, plus some basic steps to reversing these effects if you’re handy and want to handle some of these minor concerns yourself.

remedying chimney fireplace drafts

Flue (Dampener)

If you notice a new draft coming from the fireplace, the first area to check is the flue, or dampener This item is designed to block air from outside and keep heat inside, while venting smoke up the chimney properly. When the fireplace isn’t being used, the dampener should always be in a closed position.

If the flue is closed but you are still feeling a draft, it’s likely the flue itself is damaged and needs to be replaced. If you aren’t sure here, test things by closing the flue, lighting a candle, and holding the candle just inside the fireplace. Does the flame flicker? If so, this means there’s air flowing through the flue.

Chimney Cap

Another area to check for if the flue is not the culprit is the chimney cap, an item that sits on top of the chimney and filters out smoke while blocking wind from making its way in. Some common chimney cap issues include loosening or falling off entirely, which will allow for a draft to make its way inside. If you’re able to safely access the chimney, you can check if there’s been damage or movement on the cap, which can be replaced by our pros if there are issues.

Fireplace Cover

If you have identified a draft in your fireplace and are looking for a temporary solution while you wait on an appointment for long-term repairs, we recommend using a fireplace cover. This is a basic item that blocks the fireplace opening, keeping cool air from making its way in when you don’t want it in your home. These items can be both protective and decorative simultaneously, with a number of style options to match your fireplace and home design.

For more on how to deal with drafts in your fireplace area, or to learn about any of our chimney repair or cleaning services, speak to the staff at Creative Masonry & Chimney today.