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Are You Facing These Pellet Stove Issues?

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The fireplace in your Connecticut home makes winters cozy. There’s something so special about sitting in front of a fireplace with the family, or even on your own.

Every pellet stove in a fireplace is distinct due to its unique construction, but they all operate in a similar way. Pellet stoves are likely to develop faults and problems along the way due to poor quality fuel.

Here are some common pellet stove issues:

The stove won’t ignite

If your pellet stove isn’t turning on, check the power outlet. If that isn’t the issue, then inspect the circuit breaker to ensure it’s working. If there are any signs of damage, have the fuse replaced. If you’re unable to locate the problem, get in touch with our experts.

Air leaks

If the pellet stove isn’t burning well or isn’t producing sufficient heat, the issue could be an air leak. Warm air might be leaking out of the door seals. Inspect the door seal to ensure it fits perfectly. If there are air leaks, a professional will be able to seal them correctly for you.

Use good quality pellets

The pellet stove will perform poorly if low quality pellets are used to fuel it. Invest in high quality wood pellets; they burn more efficiently and are less likely to clog the system with waste. Clean this appliance as indicated by the manufacturer. This can vary from once a week to once a month. Get rid of the ash by clearing out the tray regularly.

Pellets feeding poorly

When the electrical component of your pellet stove is working well, yet there are issues with the fireplace, poor feeding is most likely the issue. Turn on the power supply to see how the pellets feed into the fireplace. Poor feeding leads to the component getting jammed. Remove the pellets from the auger to get the appliance to work smoothly.

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Pellet stove burning poorly

Sometimes, the pellet stove produces soot or smoke, indicating that the burn pot isn’t functioning effectively. Remove all waste and debris from the burn pot. Clean it with a soft cloth and try turning it back on.

If the burn pot is functioning correctly, the vent might be an issue. Clean the vent by removing waste and any residue. Ensure the vent is correctly installed as well.

If you’ve been having trouble with your fireplace, you need a fireplace services. Call an expert today to inspect your fireplace and chimney and provide a solution. We, at Creative Masonry and Chimney in Connecticut, can help you out. Get a free estimate for repairs on our website.