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The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you have a professional sweep and inspection done on your chimney once a year. Chimney fires account for more than $200 million in property losses and cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the U.S.

To ensure you and your family have a safe and clean chimney, our technicians use an array of wire and poly brushes, a HEPA filtered vacuum and other state-of-the-art equipment, our expert chimney sweeps will remove all of the built up creosote, soot and any other blockages in your chimney flue. Along with the flue, our crew will thoroughly clean the fire box, damper and smoke chamber. Then, once the system is completely cleaned, we’ll inspect the structural integrity of the chimney inside and out at no additional cost. If any deterioration, liner damage or other potential hazards are found in the inspection we’ll provide you with our professional recommendations to correct the problems.

Absolutely! All home heating systems that burn a fuel source such as coal, oil or natural gas produce toxic byproducts that must be vented out of the house by a chimney. As coal and oil furnaces vent through the chimney, acidic soot residues are deposited on the chimney liner surfaces. if they are not cleaned regularly, chimneys that have clay or cement liners will deteriorate over time due to the chemical action of the soot If that happens the chimney can develop leaks that will adversely affect the air draft and worse, carbon monoxide could escape into the living areas of the house.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Furnace Cleaning

Without a doubt! Although gas is generally a clean burning fuel, the chimney can become non-functional from bird nests or other debris blocking the flue. Modern furnaces can also cause many problems with the average flues intended to vent the older generation of furnaces. We suggest you check the areas on gas and carbon monoxide for more information.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Chimney Caps

A chimney cap will help prevent water and snow from entering the chimney flues and help keep it off of the crown. Water can cause deterioration of the chimney through freeze/thaw cycles. After some time your chimney may need major repairs. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars.

Caps also keep out unwanted animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and birds. These pests can build nests that can keep the chimney from working properly and can cause fires.

Yes, we sell and professionally install stoves and fireplace inserts. We only install wood stoves with full stainless steel lining system. This liner will connect from the appliance and continue to the top of your chimney. We do not install partial liners to the first flue!