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A Guide To Choosing The Right Chimney Material For Your New Home

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When you’re building your new home, you may try to get everything done perfectly, getting items and material that match your preferences and home’s theme. Choosing a chimney can be an overwhelming task because you need to get the right materials while making sure it matches the aesthetic of your house.

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Your chimney plays a significant role in keeping your house safe by releasing all the smoke and fumes out from the fireplace. In addition to that, it is a noticeable feature of your house’s exterior. There are various materials and looks that you can go for. Here’s a short guide to help you select the right chimney for your home.

Chimneys Made Out Of Masonry And Clay Tiles

Chimneys that are made of masonry and clay tiles withstand lower temperatures and are quite suitable for residential use. A chimney expert will guide you on whether you can add masonry blocks, bricks, stone, or concrete to it. Masonry and clay tiles give it a conventional look, and most people go for a classic brick chimney. The bricks add to a vintage theme, and if your roof has rustic-looking shingles, they would be a perfect blend.

You can add a pop of color by using different colored bricks to reduce the plain look of your roof and chimney. Chimney experts can also guide you about the shapes and sizes that would suit you and your house to make it look more charming.

Chimneys require regular cleaning, so the ease of maintenance and cleaning should also be kept in mind while choosing the materials. If you’re attaching it directly to your hearth, you need to ensure that clay tiles are not installed. They can form cracks and break due to rapid changes in the temperature and heat, causing the clay to expand. The clay tiles will have to be replaced regularly, which can become quite costly.

Chimneys Made Out Of Metal

You can also find chimneys that are made in factories. They are made out of metal and are a cheaper alternative. It is easier to install them and have fewer problems blending with the house’s exterior. Metal chimneys are quite efficient in heating your home and have an extended lifespan with fewer repairs. If you need an affordable chimney with a contemporary look, you can go for metal chimneys. In addition to that, metal chimneys also don’t take up more space and need lesser maintenance.

Wood Stoves

A wood-burning stove is like a cozy retreat and allows you to enjoy the fire without spending more electricity or gas bills. It also looks quite attractive and can be a perfect solution if you’re unable to decide on the above two options.

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