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6 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for This Summer

Post by : dminCMC


outdoor kitchen

Nowadays, everyone wants to enjoy al fresco dining in their backyard, making outdoor kitchens one of the top trends for home improvement. An outdoor kitchen can make your summer entertaining and offer convenience. The stunning masonry construction and wooden pergolas can enhance the exterior of your house.

You don’t need a large property; modern minimalistic kitchen designs can be easily incorporated into your porch, backyard, and even roof for a scenic view. Also, they can increase the value of a property because most homebuyers look for an outdoor kitchen while buying a home.

If you’re planning on getting an outdoor kitchen for your home, keep these ideas in mind:

Incorporate Masonry for Sophistication

Outdoor kitchens with stonework and masonry look beautiful and maintain their strength for a long time. You can choose from stone veneer, graphite, marble, brick and concrete to incorporate in different kitchen areas, such as the island, grill, walls, pizza oven, etc. For example, concrete masonry works excellent for outdoor pizza ovens as it acts as an insulator, and marble gives a modern look to the kitchen island.

Keep It Close to Your Indoor Kitchen

No matter the design and layout you choose, make sure it’s close to your indoor kitchen. Even if you have a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, you will use the indoor kitchen more and have all your stuff there.

You may have to grab something from the fridge or maybe an extra plate for the guests. If your outdoor kitchen is right outside the indoor kitchen,it’ll be easy to run back and forth while hosting a BBQ party or summer soiree.

Make the Most of the Garden

Freshly grown herbs and vegetables in your garden can enhance your cooking experience. Grow them in your garden right beside the outdoor kitchen. A garden trellis can be an excellent backdrop to your cooking space. You can even add tropical plants and flowers to give it a resort-like feel.

Add Retractable Canopy

Having a roof in the outdoor kitchen and dining area can be a blessing during hot summer days. A pergola with a retractable canopy can be a great option to enjoy the weather to the fullest. You can enjoy the outdoors without sunburn by keeping the roof covered in the afternoon and uncovering it in the evening.

Convert the Counter into A Bar

Optimize the counter space by turning it into a bar to socialize with your friends and family or show them your culinary skills. It can add a unique element to your outdoor exterior and offer great entertainment to the guests. Choose modern furnishings like raised chairs or barstools, and style the island with decorative pieces.

Add a Raised Masonry Platform

Make your outdoor kitchen the focal point of your house by placing it on a raised platform. You can get raised platforms through masonry construction which ensures durability and safety. The stone used in masonry will make the platform seem like it’s carved out of the earth, giving your home a distinct look.

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