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5 Ways to Prevent Fireplace Odors

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Sitting next to your fireplace and enjoying a warm cup of cocoa while reading a novel can be one of the most peaceful experiences. But imagine how disturbing it would be if your self-care session were interrupted with foul smells from your fireplace area. That could ruin and even kill the whole mood. Fireplace odors are pervasive and caused due to neglect. Here are the common causes of these odors and tips to prevent and manage the issue.

man adding more wood to the fireplace

Common Causes Of Fireplace Odors

Negative Air Pressure

The chimney above the fireplace is ideally meant to help get rid of the unpleasant smell and excess gases from the fireplace. But if the house is not adequately ventilated and the windows and doors are shut, then a negative air pressure may develop and cause air to enter from the chimney, creating a foul smell.


If your fireplace and chimney have not been cleaned up in a while, soot may build up in both these places accompanied by a creosote chemical. This buildup can contribute to the foul odor in your house.


If there is water or dampness on your chimney liners, the chances are that there will soon be a musty smell as well.

Dead Animals

Animals such as raccoons, snakes, or birds can enter your chimney opening and then not be able to get out. Sometimes, they may die in there, and as their flesh begins to rot, and the smell of dead flesh will take over.

How To Prevent And Manage The Odor

Clean the Chimney

Cleaning and sweeping your chimney is imperative to prevent any foul odors from taking over. You should hire a professional service because they are well equipped and trained to deal with various issues such as dead animals in the chimney and soot and creosotebuildup.

Use Fireplace Deo

Fireplace deodorants can be an excellent option to maintain a pleasant fragrance around the fireplace. This is especially good if the smell from soot or ash lingers in the fireplace because the mortar has absorbed it.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent choice to get rid of fireplace smells. You can place some in open bowls near the fireplace and spray some on the inside.

Use Charcoal

Charcoal can absorb the smell if you place it near the fireplace. Leave it out in a small bucket near the fireplace and wait for it to work.

Hire Professionals

Professionals at Creative Masonry & Chimney LLC can help you deal with issues regarding your fireplace and chimney. We offer chimney repair services, chimney sweep services, and fireplace services in CT. Reach out to us for more information.