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5 Ways to Make Your Fireplace Look More Contemporary

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While fireplaces bring an instant touch of both luxury and comfort to a space, they can sometimes look dated and old-fashioned, clashing with your desired aesthetic. If your house came with an in-built fireplace or if you had one constructed upon moving in, you can always change things up.

For a more contemporary look, you can do the following:

1. Change the color

The color of your fireplace—and home in general—can set the tone for the aesthetic you want. While some colors like pastels and neons pay homage to retro 70s and 80s, darker, more muted tones are reflective of a modern look.

Neutral doesn’t mean dull or boring, so you don’t need to worry about that. You can, however, paint your fireplace a sleek, deep black, or a rich cream to give it that luxurious yet minimalistic look that screams modern elegance.

We can help achieve those colors through our masonry services, working with bricks and materials of different colors.

2. Remodel it to look more modern

If you’re tired of the general look of your fireplace, it’s easy to make it look newer with some remodeling work.

Different styles can be channeled to create a sleeker, more subtle looking fireplace, or you can change the mantelpiece to be more in line with modern aesthetics. Materials like wood, stone, and brick can quickly help create that appearance, and we can redesign the exteriors to be more befitting.

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3. Add décor items on the wall above the mantel

If you’d rather keep a prominent shelf, you can add décor pieces and artwork that stands out to you.

Place it directly above your fireplace if you have space on it, or you can hang it up on the wall. Paintings, décor pieces, or a stylish clock can bring out a modern, minimalistic look—and you can always find thrift or DIY pieces if you can’t buy expensive installations.

4. Build a complete stone face and wall

Stone décor is another contemporary addition to your fireplace. We use high-quality natural stones to create elegant, modern-looking walls and accents for fireplaces and other interiors and exteriors. Gray and other neutral colored stones can be used to create artwork on your fireplace and highlight it in the best way possible.

5. Add dark brick accents

Brick might not seem like an element of contemporary décor, but if done right, it can be used that way. You can have a brick mantel or accent that extends to the chimney, or on the exterior of your fireplace till the ceiling.

We offer masonry services in Burlington, Bloomfield, Farmington and other areas of  Connecticut, so you can contact us to know more.

Our team of contractors can easily remodel your fireplace. We’re CSIA certified and have extensive experience. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.